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Kombucha – Fermented Organic Tea We all have heard that a healthy body has a healthy spirit in it. During each and every session I offer we speak a lot about raising your vibration and elevating your spirit. If you want to get very specific answers of how you can do it, you might be [...]

Milk Kefir Recipes – Milk products: Cottage Cheese, Cheese, Sour Cream

Playing and creating is fun! That is why I offer so many spiritual services and classes, such as Spiritual Counseling and Intuitive Guidance as well as Angel Readings and Tarot Cards Readings to help you to have more fun in your life, playing in many different areas of your life with many different things! [...]

Nature’s Wonders: The Tibetan Milk Mushroom and the wonder of Milk Kefir Grains.

Let’s stay healthy inside out! All services I offer are about expanding your reality and uplifting your spirit, such as Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression, Spiritual Counseling and Intuitive Guidance … In this post I want to tell you about keeping your body healthy. Milk Kefir is a new discovery for me! I [...]