Elevation Essential Oil Blend

Elevation Essential Oil Blend

Elevation Essential OildoTerra Elevation Essential Oil Blend – increase your energy and joy, elevate, uplift, revitalize!

doTerra Elevation essential oil blend has the energetic property to revitalize, uplift your mood and increase your energy with a sweet flower smell. Elevation essential oils have many benefits once blended together. Elevation invigorating blend has the qualities and refreshing properties to stimulate inside your energy system to help overcome grief, sadness and feeling lethargic. Evoking the feeling of confidence and joy.

As a professional practioner I love using doTerra Elevation essential oil blend during many of the Spiritual Guidance sessions and Classes: Reiki, Meditations, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Angel and Tarot Readings and others. when I want to gently ground myself and bring myself back into my body. At times I have felt like I am flying somewhere in the clouds, you also may have been familiar with these feelings sometimes. Although it feels nice, it’s not a very beneficial state. We live in our beautiful human bodies and to be grounded is very important for us all, as we can achieve much more. We all know a very famous spiritual teaching of being in the moment and being aware, and its simply not possible if we are not grounded.

doTerra Elevation blend gently grounds you and connects you to your physical form. It also contains essential oils, that work with your 3rd chakra – your power centre. That is why without knowing the name of this blend; many of my clients experience feelings of confidence and empowerment, which simply means, “ be in the power “. Elevation blend balances your 3rd chakra and as a result of this you feel more energised and revitalized.

As you know having a balanced energy within your chakra system will evoke feelings of joy, cheerfulness and openness. Interestingly, all these feelings are very strong yet balanced and calm. Giving you a strong and calm joy, strong and calm power, strong and calm confidence.

Here are some ways that you can use doTerra Elevation Essential Oil Blend to heal and balance yourself

A positive affirmation sends the right signals to your body. When you repeat those affirmations and affirm your words as many times within the day that you wish to do. This will allow you to anchor on a deeper level energy of confidence, joy, creativity and self-expression. To achieve permanent results, it’s important to do it everyday for at least 21 days in a row. Research has shown that it is how much time is needed to re-program your brain to maintain a wonderful result to your reactions in order to anchor new ways of looking at things.

Create confidence, joy and self-expression

Place a drop of doTerra Elevation Bliss essential oil blend into the palms of your hands and gently rub your hands together. Place your hands close to your face and inhale deeply a few times in a row. Repeat the following affirmation over a 3-minute period.

Affirmations for your 3rd Chakra:

  • I am open – I am confident – I am powerful and strong!
  • I am open to joy – I invite more joy into my life – I am strong and a clear channel for the divine expression of joy!
  • I have a power to create with joy and confidence the world I would love to live in!
  • I am an inspired creator of my life – I enjoy being powerful, full of energy, joyful mainifester of my life!
  • I have energy to express my creative nature – every day I express myself with joy and confidence!
  • I invite more uplifting, positive emotions and feelings into my life – life is a miracle!
  • I embrace and celebrate my body – I embrace and celebrate my power – I embrace and celebrate my creativity – I embrace and celebrate my life!

Start by rubbing your shoulders and neck, allowing the doTerra Elevation essential oil blend to uplift your energy and spirit. Keep breathing deeply and finish by meditating for a few minutes on confidence, creativity and joy.

Elevation Essential Oil ingredients:

Elevation Essential Oil

  • Elemi, calms the nervous system, acts as a sedative and relieves stress.
  • Lavender, relaxing and assists with anxiety, helping to dispel feelings of depression.
  • Lemon Myrtle, refreshing, uplifting, cleansing and elevating.
  • Lemon, supports physical energy, promoting health, healing and purification.
  • Melissa, removes and eliminates anxiety and depression.
  • Osmanthus, with an uplifting fragrance, a flower grown in China, supports vitality.
  • Sandalwood, balances your emotions, eases nervous tension, sedative and calming quality.
  • Ylang Ylang, promoting self-love, peace, joy and confidence.
  • Other uses of Elevation Essential Oil Blend:

    • Diffuse Elevation essential oil to relax and release stress and gain your self-worth.
    • Promote vitality by rubbing Elevation essential oil over your temples, heart and wrists.
    • Place one drop of Elevation oil into your bath to release stress and calm the mind.

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