Reiki Classes, Level 1 Outline

class time 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.


1. Registration and sign in.

2. Smudging.

3. Introduce myself and the students – Name, work, metaphysical background, understanding of Reiki, why you want to learn Reiki, and something you like about yourself.

4. Opening meditation, or prayer to join the group to the higher power and to each other.

5. What is Rei-ki, History, What can Reiki be used for, free will


6. Lunch (one hour).


7. Explain Reiki different levels, how the attunement process works

8. Explain Chakra system/endocrine glands

9. Expain Gassho meditation and use this just before the attunement. Have students remain in Gassho during the attunement.

10. Reiki I attunement

11. Have students write in their notebooks about attunement and meditation experiences- then share.

12. Practice Reiki (three or four to a group) – Take about 5-8 minutes each. Make sure all feel Reiki or that the client does. Share after.


13. Break (10 to 15 minutes).


14. Explain and practice standard treatment with all hand positions – self and others (pick a partner and switch); at least one full hour session to another, on a table.

15. Explain and practice standard chair short session hand positions – self and others (pick a partner and switch); about 30 minutes.

16. Explain 21 day cleanse

17. Answering questions

18. Homework, certificates, feedback forms

19. Closing meditation or prayer.

P.S. Students provided with all professional manuals for this class.