Spirit Painting Workshop

Express yourself and get connected with Higher Powers though Spirit Painting Workshop!

Spirit Painting WorkshopLet me ask you this: have you ever wanted to express yourself though painting, but don’t know how to paint? Or, are you an experienced painter already, who wants to learn how to get connected with Higher Powers, getting Divine wisdom from your paintings? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then the Spirit Painting Workshop is for you!

When you take our Spirit Painting Workshop, you will learn how to get Spiritual Guidance for yourself, any time you need it! Discover exactly where you are in life from a Spiritual perspective, which energies are surrounding you at the time, and how it looks through the ‘Universal Eye’.

This workshop will help you to develop your intuition, giving you much needed guidance and connection with Higher Powers!

During the Spirit Painting Workshop you will:

  • Learn how to relax your mind through meditation
  • Get connected with Higher Universal Energies
  • Develop trust in your Intuition and Guidance to choose the right paint colours and techniques to create Spirit Paintings of your own
  • Enhance your Intuition by aligning symbolic meanings with each Spirit Painting
  • Getting Divine guided messages for yourself
  • Have fun expressing yourself through painting
  • Create 2-3 Spirit Paintings of your own
  • Get all the guidance, support and techniques needed to do Spirit Paintings for yourself and others, any time you want or need it!

The First part of the class consists of an explanation of the techniques to paint, a short meditation, and actually creating 1-3 Spirit Paintings.

The second part of the workshop consists of a short meditation, learning the techniques needed to read and interpret the messages revealed in the paintings and grow.

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Available in Person or via Skype!

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A Spirit Painting workshop takes 2 hours. The fee is $150.

To find out when our next Spirit Painting Workshop is and to register, simply click on Classes Calendar or e-mail us at Maria@ExpandReality.com or call us at +1 (416) 856-1789.

If you are a first time customer, please make a 100% deposit in order to reserve your session with Maria.

Cancellation policy: I appreciate that in certain circumstances life may throw curveballs which mean you may not be able to attend our session. In order to ensure my availability to you and others, where such appointments are broken with more than 24 hours notice, there will no fee charged. However where there are last minute cancellations of less than 24 hours, I must charge 50% of the price of the session.

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About Maria Sidorova – a Spirit Painting Workshop teacher

Hello my creative friends,

Do you express your artistic side best when you are in a meeting or waiting on the phone to your Bank? I know that is the extent of what I was able to achieve until recently.

I always wanted to paint. Like always. It was not until I discovered Spirit paintings, that I was able to have the confidence to place my own paintings all around my walls. Not only are they beautiful, they provide me with inspirational messages right before my eyes every time I pass them.

Spirit painting is an incredibly fun and easy way to showcase your spirit and soul. It helps you to develop your psychic abilities further and can help to get messages from your Spirit Guides and Higher Self.

Within a few hours of teaching with me, your inner artist will want to burst out. So stop procrastinating and let’s get playing together!

With the blessings of Love, Inspiration and Trust, your own inner-creative artist will emerge!

Maria Sidorova

Maria, thank you so much for the painting! It helped me to feel my Spirit Guide’s energy for the first time! It was quite subtle but tangible. My Guide and I even communicated for a while! THANK YOU!
Svetlana A., Moscow , Toronto