Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling: discover the universal laws of attraction and manifestation to live the life you really want!

Spiritual CounselingIs your life everything you think it should be – the right career, the right partner, the right path? Through Spiritual Counseling, Maria is able to help you understand how manifesting the life of your dreams really works, and why certain aspects of your life aren’t working out exactly the way you had hoped.

Perhaps you’re in need of a shift in perspective – to see things differently or more clearly. Or perhaps the universe is asking you to make a change in your life, either large or small.

Either way, a Spiritual Counseling session can help you:

  • See things more clearly – the way things really are!
  • Remove mental blocks that are stopping you from having everything you want and deserve!
  • Expand your awareness and spiritual knowledge to put you in control of your own destiny!
  • Embark on a new path of emotional healing and self-discovery!

These insightful sessions are about rising above 3D understanding and looking at our lives from a Higher perspective, according to the universal Laws of Attraction and Manifestation!

With your consent, to enhance your experience during our session I might use Essential Oils and Flower Essences as required.

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Book 1 hour Spiritual Counseling session with Maria for is $120.
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If you are a first time customer, please make a 100% deposit in order to reserve your session with Maria.

Sometimes sessions may take longer, as we go very deep, to the root of the issue and the profound healing might take place. Should this be the case and you desire to delve deeper, you can extend the session for another half-an-hour for 60$ or for another hour for 120$.

Cancellation policy: I appreciate that in certain circumstances life may throw curveballs which mean you may not be able to attend our session. In order to ensure my availability to you and others, where such appointments are broken with more than 24 hours notice, there will no fee charged. However where there are last minute cancellations of less than 24 hours, I must charge 50% of the price of the session.

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Information regarding the following topics is provided below:

  • 10 Reasons to work with a Spiritual Counselor
  • Testimonials of Maria’s Spiritual Counseling clients

Why You should hire a Spiritual Advisor?

10 reasons to work with a Spiritual Counselor.

1. With a Spiritual Advisor, you can both explore your Life Purpose and Calling and integrate these into your life!

2. Tap into your Higher Wisdom and Guidance. Use this on daily basis to live in harmony and achieve the best results!

3. Learn how you can enjoy, celebrate and live your life passionately!

4. Take your power back and manifest the life you would love to live! You don’t have to choose, you can have it all: Love, Career, Money, Spirituality! Whatever you want you can have.

5. Develop the tools to connect with and develop your intuition!

6. Express your passion, creativity and Divine gifts!

7. Raise your vibration levels from Fear to LOVE!

8. Experience the matrix beyond and begin to erase the separation and live with Oneness!

9. Bring clarity on what you really want, and need in your life!

10. Do you feel tired of knowing all of it: when, what & how and nothing changes? Let’s finally break free into embodying & living the highest & best, better than you can even imagine!

Here what clients say about Spiritual Counseling sessions with Maria:

I was going through a very hard time in my life, dealing with the loss of my wife and Maria gave me the spiritual guidance necessary to deal with my fears and helped me to speed up the healing process. After every session it was like removing a load from my shoulders. Thank you Maria for all your help! ~ Fernando E., Toronto


Maria! I’m very grateful to you for giving me opportunity to start living in harmony with myself to be happy and healthy. After each process I have changes in my life. It’s real magic! Thank you very very much!!! ~ Iryna C., Toronto


Maria, thank you very much for your patience and assistance! You helped me to stand upon my feet and move forward. I became more confident and happy. It was difficult at times, but your help was always there. I recommend you to my friends and they are grateful for a chance to change their life for better as I did. Thanks to you and your abilities! ~Aliya M., Toronto


Maria, your reading was so vibrant and accurate. Within weeks changes spoken of in my reading really became clear and happened. My father’s tumor also released from his body, by his choices as you said. Thank you for sharing your gifts
Marlena R., Тoronto