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“Thank you!! I adore what you do. It makes me feel happy, light and on purpose.”
Joanna F., Toronto
“Many positive experiences, very interesting. Gifted teacher able to read everyone’s energy and give each person the attention needed to understand everything clearly.”
Jason F., Toronto
“I have never been this happy paying anyone! You are a blessing to people like me!”
Manav, Toronto
“I gained eye opening self-realization about where I am at in my connection and communication with myself and God and how to follow through to deepen and strengthen that”
Alexander S., Toronto
“I’ve made a lot of research for a great Reiki master for me. When I saw Maria, I knew I made a great choice. She discovered my personality as she already knew me. She gave me so much advice connected to my questions.”
Michaela V., Toronto
“Maria, is a gentle joyful positive teacher. She brings out the best in each student when teaching Reiki.”
Sheila M., Toronto
“Maria is an excellent teacher with genuine insight. I am happy to have taken the Reiki Course.”
Sharlene R., Toronto
“Dear Maria, Thank you so very much for the opportunity to try Reiki. It was an awesome experience. I loved your teaching methods, and how you structured the day – your stories of personal experiences, your honest beliefs, your knowledge… how you shared everything was just perfect. I learned a lot. I will keep in touch and truly appreciate your mentorship and support. Thank you. ”
Leo L., Toronto
“Maria is a great angel reading teacher, takes her time makes sure everything is understood. Beautiful experience.”
Jason F., Toronto
“*You really need to believe that it will help; * Look inside of you; * Have a creasy imagination to create your dreams look like it really will be soon in your life; * stop thinking about your problems and start to feel more from your heart; * Everything is real like good so as bad, so think positive.”
Anna F., Toronto
“This process helped me to get in touch with my own truth and how limiting beliefs and behaviors have been keeping me from living a life of Abundance when that life is my birth right. Many thanks for the revelations!”
Karen C., Toronto
“I discovered many areas I need to focus on in my meditations and remove blocks in my body. Need to work on fear of having everything I wish for.”
Alla K., Toronto
“The Oneness Wealth class has been great learning experience about wealth & prosperity consciousness. I am looking forward to the 11 days at home experience / prayer. Thank you very much.”
Keyur P., Toronto
“Dear Maria, thank you for allowing me to come and Experience a miracle. Where you learn to be grateful and connect with your God and Experience the whole now world!”
Devangi P., Toronto
“The angel reading course was very interesting and brought new perspectives. Thank you for introduction to angels.”
Sharlene R., Toronto
“I am very grateful and thankful for the Wealth process. It opened my heart for love and abundance. I feel much stronger connection with my Divine right now. It means that He always support me and I can ask Him for everything. Thank you Maria for your gentle, kind and full of love guidance through this process.”
Beata K., Toronto
“Throughout Wealth workshop I gained more seal-awareness, more focus on the increased wealth, health and possibilities for self-growth. Dharma includes helping others through engaging my talents and interests in Divine loving service. I became more aware of that.”
Sarah C., Toronto
“I was going through a very hard time in my life, dealing with the loss of my wife and Maria gave me the spiritual guidance necessary to deal with my fears and helped me to speed up the healing process. After every session it was like removing a load from my shoulders. Thank you Maria for all your help!”
Fernando E., Toronto
“After seeing Maria for a few months as my spiritual counsellor I came to realize that she is a well rounded person and has her life going on many levels. She is grounded and highly spiritual, intuitive and practical, gentle yet strong. She walks her talk and that speaks for its self. Maria has a great ability to root out all that is in you that is holding you up from your growth by bringing it to your awareness so that you can make changes and take your life in your desired direction. She makes you take the action upon your new self realizations. There was a tremendous level of self growth I started to experience shortly after starting to work with her. I feel very blessed and grateful to have all those talks we had which helped me understand myself. I would highly recommend Maria to all that look into deeper dynamics of life. She is great!”
Alexander, Toronto
“Maria! I’m very grateful to you for giving me opportunity to start living in harmony with myself to be happy and healthy. After each process I have changes in my life. It’s real magic! Thank you very very much!!!”
Iryna C., Toronto
“I’m so grateful for this session and for the possibility to reflect on the 5 points which make it very clear for me to work on the lack of sensitivity. Frist time that I see pink colour and felt a very deep connection with the Divine.”
Beatriz V., Toronto
“My health issues were pointed out to me. My heart was feeling very heavy – it lightened up.”
Felismina N., Toronto
“I was deeply connected with my past experience and I’m confident about my healthy future.”
Larisa, Toronto
“Thank you for a wonderful day! I felt a lot of energy and much needed calmness.”
Nadezda., Toronto
“Very strong feeling during the ceremony. Keep holding the ceremonies! Many thanks!”
Alla K., Toronto
“Very powerful session. Feeling a strong connection with Divine. Experienced progress on spiritual and physical level. Achieved a great sense of self-awareness. Feeling full of joy and happiness.”
Irina T., Toronto
“The process brought a lot of inner-piece, inner-conflict has dissolved. I’m confident, that miracles have already happened! I will feel the result soon. Thank you, Maria.”
Olga A., Toronto
“I have a feeling that I process begun, it started and continue to unfold. I hope to get a miracle in the next few days.”
Svetlana A., Moscow
“Great experience, been able to share a ceremony where we all with different experiences go for the miracle of health expression in this lifetime. Allows to all of us to connect with our Divinity and miracles that He/She has for us.”
Denisse S., Toronto
“…when I touched the Padukas I felt a hug from Bhagavan. We were smiling as if we both agreed what was going on. The miracle which is happening… ”
R., Toronto
“…when I touched Padukas it was very powerful. It felt like a blast of energy. Thank you Maria for a wonderful experience…. ”
Beatriz V., Toronto
“Maria, thank you very much, I got a lot of energy, as usually. This time my body was filed with golden energy, my whole body was shining. I’m sure I will be healthy. My deepest gratitude to you, Maria.”
Valentina T., Toronto
“It’s like a waking call! Deeply look into to understand self more! Powerful & relaxing session!”
Cynthia W., Toronto
“At this process for the first time in my life I experienced a very strong, clear and bright visualization of the feeling. I felt energy differently, but strong. Most wonderful is absolute absence of headache (for the first time within years) as a sign of health. I’m very grateful for it and for other experienced of the process.”
Elena., Toronto
“Wonderful process! It came out that my major issue was – lack of sensitivity. I thought, I give everything of my to others, family, friends, even strangers… but I forget about myself. How I can love other if I don’t love myself? Everybody knows these words, but following them is another story… Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!”
Julia K., Moscow
“After a long time of looking for participate in the workshop, now I can see the reason why it was resonating so much with me. It was pleasant experience where, with Maria as a teacher, I was allowed to interpreted my need to get closer & ask for the support of the Seraph to heal different aspects of myself of where I was stepping apart of my connection with the Mother Earth and Her importance to my manifestation and contribution to the planet.  Maria was very supportive during the process and helped me to understand the meaning of each initiation. I feel very grateful for having her as a teacher. I think she is a great example of living with integration with our spiritual beings. :)”
Denisse C., Toronto
“Thank you Maria for Angelic workshop I liked very much. It helped me to connect with my Divine, get more sensitivity, discover some love in me, around me.”
Tony P., Toronto
“This workshop with the Seraph has helped me grow spiritually by opening up to the many guidance out there to connect stronger to God. Thank you Maria!”
Lily S., Toronto
“I keep practicing Reiki healings every day and as a result of that, I feel lightness in everyday life. I feel Reiki energy in my hands and ones I place them on my body during the meditation, I feel warmth in the places where my hands are touching my body. 🙂 I keep practicing and opening new horizons 🙂 Maria, thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge and experience! ”
~Alexey S., Toronto
“Maria was a wonderful tarot card teacher. I learned a lot from her, and have found the cards to be a great way to tap into my intuition. I use the cards every day, and they give me a unique ways of seeing the world. I hope they do the same for you.”
Dominic A., Toronto
“Thank you Maria, accepting me as your student to provide Reiki Teacher training. It was divine experience with you, and you answered all my questions. You are wonderful and loving, Professional Person. I am so grateful that I have met you. I believe God Blessed me through you. It was very satisfying Reiki Training with you. Thank you God. Thank You Reiki. Thank you Maria.”
Devangi P., Toronto
I tried to self-teach myself Tarot cards for 5 years through books and the internet. Not possible. I was lucky to find Maria who has taught me not only how to read Tarot cards but a great deal about spirituality. I now know how to read Tarot cards! I give Maria top marks, 5 stars out of 5 stars!
Shannon C., Toronto
Maria, I want to thank you for teaching me reading Tarot cards. I really enjoyed the classes and I learned a lot. I can’t wait to read them for my friends : )
Jae K., Toronto
Maria is a beacon of light to guide those individuals who desire to develop spiritually, and shine brighter. I am grateful to the kindness and support Maria extends to me, as well as, the glorious universe, as we all exist as one.
Lily S., Toronto
I had a very profound spiritual experience…embracing different feminine energies…leading to just sitting in my own feminine energy :). Maria you are a beautiful spirit…thank you for your divine guidance! Xo
Lily S., Toronto
Maria, thank you very much for your patience and assistance! You helped me to stand upon my feet and move forward. I became more confident and happy. It was difficult at times, but your help was always there. I recommend you to my friends and they are grateful for a chance to change their life for better as I did. Thanks to you and your abilities!
Aliya M., Toronto
Maria, I feel honoured to receive Reiki initiation from you. I will practice to deepen my connection daily. I truly feel gratitude to be blessed with energy source to heal others through me. Thank you for all Reiki blessings!
Deepa V., Toronto
Thank you Maria, for your guidance. It helped me much. I needed it to understand me & my forward journey & growth.
Ratna S., Toronto
It was very good. Strong energy were vibing all around the place. Positive energy. I feel like a charged battery now 😉
Alex N., Toronto
Maria, thank you for a wonderful meditation. Was amazed to learn the powerful techniques of overcoming obstacles. It was very useful.
Iryna T., Toronto
Best Meditation class ever, Maria is a gem!
Amer E., Toronto
…a blessing journey and a spiritual discovery…
Claudia L., Toronto
I enjoyed the meditation class immensely…and highly recommend it to those who seek an open spiritual path! I send light and love to the universe 🙂
Lily S., Toronto
“Your reading opened my soul and uncovered all my emotional blocks, which didn’t allow me to use my full potential. The reading helped me deeper understand my problems and give me what I really appreciate, the answers how to solve them.”
Beata K., Toronto
“……A Tarot reading gave me some enlightenment on where I am now in my life and what I should keep in mind moving forward. Thanks for the valuable information!…”
Angela D., Toronto
“Maria, your reading was so vibrant and accurate. Within weeks changes spoken of in my reading really became clear and happened. My father’s tumor also released from his body, by his choices as you said. Thank you for sharing your gifts.”
Marlena R., Тoronto
“This was an exceptionally intelligent reading. Everything has been coming surprisingly true. Besides that, Maria is a very interesting person and I have learned a lot talking to her.”
Julia K., Hannover, Germany
“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like a winner already. Thanks for all your help and knowledge. I feel stronger from the inside. I’m taking my cards with me, they are a part of me now…”
Velia R., Toronto
“Dear Maria, Thank you so much for the session on Sunday. It felt like floating in the clouds. I am so grateful that I have met you and you are so willing to share your wisdom.”
Beatriz V., Toronto
“I have asked for Maria’s help many times under different circumstances and was always satisfied. My problems were always solved after I followed her advice. Thank you, Maria.”
Svetlana А., Moscow
“Maria, thanks for opportunity to learn from you. You are amazing and have such a great understanding of what and how you teach.”
Harry V., Toronto
“Maria, thank you so much for the painting! It helped me to feel my Spirit Guide’s energy for the first time! It was quite subtle but tangible. My Guide and I even communicated for a while! THANK YOU!”
Svetlana A., Moscow
“I would have never of thought I could be SOOO beautiful! Thank you for showing me my true potential.”
Beata K., Toronto
“It was truly delightful to speak with you today – you give a fabulous first impression! Very professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring. I look forward to our time together over the next couple of months. I feel very confident you will help me clarify & simplify my self expression.”
Cynthia L., Toronto
“It was an amazing experience. I feel like my whole life has changed since. I got promoted at work and my personal life has improved as well!”
Nickole L., Toronto
“I really enjoyed your services. It was great to learn from you…”
Alexandra L., Toronto
“…interesting, helpful and fun!”
Nickole L., Toronto
“Dear Maria, on behalf of Women’s Habitat, thank you for donating your time and services to our fundraiser.”
Women's Habitat, 2011
“My experience during the Seraph workshop was an overall a soft experience that joined me together with love and light. I am grateful.”
Leola D., Toronto
“Wonderful workshop, strong and gentle energy opened my heart chakra. Thanks to the Seraph and Maria.”
A.P., Toronto
“The Seraph angel course was amazing. Very healing and peaceful energies. Thank Maria, you are a great teacher.”
Sharlene R., Toronto
“The Seraphim workshop blessed me so much. I feel connected to God & to my being & depth of purpose in the universe of who I am meant to be. I am very thankful Maria suggested it to me. I will never be the same.”
Mykella VK., Toronto