Welcome to the powerful world of Atlantis: healing and manifestation! Atlantis Reiki Classes: Create your own reality!

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“I believe, it’s always better to have tools literally in your hands and use them anytime you like, rather than depend on others. With Atlantis Reiki Classes / Initiations you will be permanently connected to a very powerful channel of energy, used by the Atlanteans in ancient Atlantis. Your life – is your creation! I invite you to step into your own power and create a life you want to live!” ~Maria Sidorova – Atlantis Reiki Master, Atlantis Reiki Classes Teacher

The practice of Atlantis Reiki is simple and very powerful. It is a beautifully rewarding tool to manifest abundance on all levels: material, emotional, mental and energetic. You can see results almost right away!

There are sacred symbols-runes and prayers used in Atlantis Reiki which helps raise your spiritual awareness and well-being on all levels.

With Atlantis Reiki, you can heal yourself and others. You become aware of your inner self through it and let go of the programmed patterns of life. You learn to accept and love yourself, become empowered and take responsibility for the life you want to create and live.

With your consent, to enhance your experience during our session I might use Essential Oils and Flower Essences as required.

To read more about Atlantis Reiki, please visit Atlantis Reiki Sessions web page.

Atlantis Reiki Classes currently unavailabe

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Atlantis Reiki Classes, Level 1

  • About Atlantis Reiki
  • Energy bodies (levels)
  • Meanings and usage of Atlantis Reiki sacred symbols of 1st level: 3 symbols
  • Healing and Self-healing techniques
  • Meditation with symbols
  • Atlantis Reiki Initiation, level 1

All Level 1 class materials and hand-outs are included.

Atlantis Reiki Classes, Level 2

  • Distance healing with Atlantis Reiki
  • Advances energy canning
  • Meanings and usage of Atlantis Reiki sacred symbols of 2nd level: 4 symbols
  • Atlantis Reiki for harmonizing relationship
  • Atlantis Reiki for cleansing water, food, and objects
  • Clearing and protecting space and objects with Atlantis Reiki
  • Self-protection from energetic and psychic attacks
  • Mer-Ka-Ba meditation for healing and harmony
  • Meditation for fulfillment and expansion of chi – life force energy
  • Expanding Atlantis Reiki channel with Initiation, level 2

All Level 2 class materials and handouts are included.

Atlantis Reiki Classes, Level 3- Master-Teacher

  • Expanding your perception of life: good/bad, right/wrong…
  • Atlantis Reiki sacred symbols of 3rd Master level: 3 symbols
  • Meditation with the use of Atlantis Reiki symbols
  • Atlantis Reiki Master crystals
  • Usage of Atlantis Reiki Master crystals for healing and channeling
  • Master level healing techniques
  • Expanding and strengthening Atlantis Reiki channel with Master level Initiation

All Level 3 – Master& Teacher class materials and handouts are included.

If you are a first time customer, please make a 100% deposit in order to reserve your session with Maria.

Cancellation policy: I appreciate that in certain circumstances life may throw curveballs which means you may not be able to attend our session. In order to ensure my availability to you and others, where such appointments are broken with more than 24 hours notice, there will no fee charged. However, where there are last-minute cancellations of less than 24 hours, I must charge 50% of the price of the session.

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