About Maria Sidorova: Spiritual Counselor, Psychic and Healer!

Maria Sidorova has 15 years of experience as a Spiritual Counselor, Psychic, and Healer!


My mission in life is to help people reach a place of complete joy, contentment, and happiness! I would like to help you achieve true happiness, not just from time to time, but always, says Maria Sidorova, a founder of Expand Reality.

Maria Sidorova is a Spiritual Counselor, Psychic, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Usui, Karuna and other Reiki styles Master-Teacher, Tarot card reader and Teacher, Angel Card Reader and Teacher, Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives hypnotist, Master of NLP, Seraphim Blueprint advanced practitioner, Teacher of Seraphic wisdom for ADALIAN, Archangel life coach, certified Oneness Trainer and Golden Orb Deeksha Giver, Intuitive Arts practitioner… She graduated from Moscow’s State University of Management, majoring in Enterprising within the National and International Economy faculty.

Maria has studied with many gifted teachers of intuitive arts in Canada, the USA, Russia, India, and worldwide. For years, she has been actively working on developing her intuitive skills and abilities. She is always learning new spiritual practices and techniques to bring more and more effective ways to help friends, family, and clients.

Through her natural psychic abilities, Maria helps clients attain their fullest potential. Maria Sidorova has helped people find the most efficient way to achieve their goals, release anxiety and emotions, remove blocks, and gain more clarity and happiness in life. The accuracy and depth of her readings assist people in gaining insight as to where they presently are in life on all levels and in seeing what is coming up for them so they are genuinely free to choose the direction most aligned with their soul’s path!

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Let’s be happy!

Have you ever noticed that when you are happy, you can take things easy no matter what else is going on around you? Happiness is something that comes from within. Most especially when you are feeling happy, you:

  • Can smile at things that would usually drive you crazy;
  • See the beauty all around you, even in something that seems ordinary and small;
  • Feel a lot of compassion, and you want to hug and help everybody;
  • Love everybody for who they are – flaws and all;
  • Feel that we all are a part of one big family;
  • Know that others will understand and accept you for who you are;
  • Can talk to anyone about just about anything;
  • Feel like there is nothing in the world that could make you unhappy or angry;
  • Acknowledge the challenges that affect your life without allowing them to change how you feel;
  • Feel incredibly satisfied and empowered.

Although there are many different teachings on how to experience love, positivity, compassion, and oneness, I genuinely believe that if you learn how to stay in the True state of happiness for every moment of every day, you can have it all!

Leo Tolstoy says: “If you want to be happy, be.”

It’s easy to say but not so easy to live. That is why I have made it my passion and my purpose to help people to:

  • Release
  • Overcome
  • Let go of the things that are holding them back and preventing them from living the fulfilling and happy life they want and deserve

Sometimes, “life” can get in the way! There are so many problems, challenges, and issues in our lives that we forget how to be happy. Most people never realize that it is in their power to choose to be happy rather than just reacting to all that life throws at them.

And that’s where Maria comes in

All private sessions are done online.

Sometimes, all you need is a little direction or guidance to help you get past obstacles and move forward toward making your dreams come true. Once this shift has been made, many of my clients have noticed how much more comfortable and enjoyable their lives have become. Many of them say they feel much lighter, like a heavyweight had been lifted from their shoulders. What a fantastic way to begin each new day!

What do I do?

Hi, I am Maria Sidorova – a Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic, and Healer. I can help you eliminate unwanted energies, such as fear or anxieties, which are blocking you from living to your highest potential in this life across your relationships, financial prosperity, spiritual realization, and life purpose!

I will help you connect with your spirit guides and angels, guide your intuition, and help you realize what’s holding you back. Working together, you will be able to overcome that which is causing blocks in your energy, allowing you to live the life you were destined to live!

Everything I know from my years in the healing profession is at your disposal now!

25 reasons to work with Maria

1. Every session I hold is from a place of love and compassion! Confidentiality is guaranteed!

2. After every session, you will feel better; I promise you will notice the difference after your first session!

3. All of us bring different qualities to life, so various tools are required. I only use the tools intuitively chosen for you!

4. I have no judgment, so you can feel safe to express yourself in a trusting environment!

5. After each session, you will have all the practical tools you need to apply to raise your vibration and thrive in life!

6. If you knew how to change “the issue” or your reaction to it, you would do it. If it’s still there – it means you don’t know how to do it. I can help you with this!

7. Learn to process those unwanted energies and blocks: fear, anger, anxiety, worry, and stress, and live a happier life!

8. Balancing chakras to heal your body, mind, and spirit!

9. I will guide you to connect to your Divine Support Team: your Angels, Spirit Guides, and Higher Self!

10. Get to know about how to maintain your healthy boundaries!

11. Introducing some compelling, efficient, and fun ways to learn and grow! Spirituality is fun!

12. Want to set yourself free? Learn how to cut those energetic drains and cords related to other people, things, and places!

13. Developing and learning to trust your intuition is the key to unlimited possibilities!

14. S.O.S. tools you can use in any situation!

15. During the session, I use the best and most healing nature gems: essential oils, flower essences, and crystals, to promote the best healing!

16. I also use some of the man’s handmade best healing tools: Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, and tuning forks!

17. Life is a relationship! I will be happy to give you practical tools you can apply to master your relationship with yourself, with others, and with your Higher Divine Self!

18. Every session is a bit of a spiritual stretch: sometimes, it is a bit unknown, but it always expands you and makes you more spiritually “flexible”! 🙂

19. Do you want to see happy people around, then you need to start with yourself!? Your external world is a projection of you!

20. By helping yourself from within, you are helping the world, as we are all one!

21. Healing, balancing, and setting your ancestors free! They are always so happy to help you!

22. Processing and healing all or any relationship traumas with your parents! Relationship problems with your father manifest as wealth and money issues, and relationship problems with your mother as needles obstacles! Learn how to work through these!

23. Once you learn something, you can apply it to your life but also share it with the world and create a more welcoming world for all of us!

24. Practicing conscious living is fun! Living in the now is excellent, and you are going to love it! There is always a choice you can make! Do you choose to live the life you were taught to live or the one you were born to live?!

25. I can teach you almost everything I know, my whole experience – is yours! 🙂


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What clients say about sessions with Maria Sidorova:

Thank you!! I adore what you do. It makes me feel happy, light and on purpose.~Joanna F., Toronto


I have never been this happy paying anyone! You are a blessing to people like me! ~Manav, Toronto


Maria, thank you for a wonderful meditation. I was amazed to learn the powerful techniques of overcoming obstacles. It was very useful. ~Iryna T., Toronto


Best Meditation class ever, Maria is a gem! ~Amer E., Toronto


I enjoyed the meditation class immensely and highly recommend it to those who seek an open spiritual path! I send light and love to the universe 🙂 ~Lily S., Toronto


Dear Maria, thank you for allowing me to come and Experience a miracle. Where you learn to be grateful, connect with your God, and Experience a whole new world! ~Devangi P., Toronto


I was going through a very hard time in my life, dealing with the loss of my wife, and Maria gave me the spiritual guidance necessary to deal with my fears and helped me to speed up the healing process. After every session, it was like removing a load from my shoulders. Thank you, Maria, for all your help! ~Fernando E., Toronto Toronto


After seeing Maria for a few months as my spiritual counselor, I came to realize that she is a well-rounded person and has her life going on many levels. She is grounded, highly spiritual, intuitive, practical, and gentle yet strong. She walks her talk, and that speaks for itself. Maria has a great ability to root out all that is in you that is holding you up from your growth by bringing it to your awareness so that you can make changes and take your life in your desired direction.

She makes you take action upon your new self-realizations. There was a tremendous level of self-growth I started to experience shortly after starting to work with her. I feel very blessed and grateful to have all those talks we had, which helped me understand myself. I would highly recommend Maria to all who look into the deeper dynamics of life. She is great! ~Alexander, Toronto


Maria! I’m very grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to start living in harmony with myself to be happy and healthy. After each process, I have changes in my life. It’s real magic! Thank you very, very much!!!~Iryna C., Toronto


Maria is a beacon of light to guide those individuals who desire to develop spiritually and shine brighter. I am grateful for the kindness and support Maria extends to me, as well as the glorious universe, as we all exist as one.~Lily S., Toronto


Maria, thank you very much for your patience and assistance! You helped me to stand on my feet and move forward. I became more confident and happy. It was difficult at times, but your help was always there. I recommend you to my friends, and they are grateful for a chance to change their life for the better as I did. Thanks to you and your abilities!~Aliya M., Toronto