Attraction Reiki: attract Great Health, Financial Freedom, Incredible Career, Best Friendships and much more!

Attraction Reiki

Attraction Reiki is an easy-to-use system that is designed to help you create that “aura of success” that can draw opportunities and positive things to you.


You can use Attraction Reiki to raise your own “personal magnetism” and to assist others, helping them to attract and manifest most wonderful things, such as great health, financial success, meaningful relationships, spiritual growth, thriving career, luck, creativity… and so much more.



There are 3 levels in Attraction Reiki:

Level I – BELIEF

We will look at what it means to believe and how our beliefs affect our reality.


In this level we will become very clear on what our intention is. This is a vital step in the manifesting process.


In this final level, we will take what we’ve learned in the two previous levels and integrate it into our attraction strategy.

In each level you will be given three healing symbols to activate the Reiki energy.

The three symbols for each level will correspond to mind, body, and soul.

Working with Attraction Reiki energy will also automatically clear out any blocks you might have to believing in yourself and bringing good things into your life.

Attraction Reiki attunements are currently unavailable.
Price includes three attunements, three manuals and a beautiful certificate. You will also be able to attune others.

How Attraction Reiki distance attunement process works?

We will set up the day and time for your attunement. You do not have to be present, online or awake of the time of the attunement, unless you wish so. In this case you can just sit quietly in a mediation, when ready please state: “I am now receiving the Attraction Reiki attunement sent by Maria Sidorova. Thank you.” Be open to receive the attunement and enjoy the process. 🙂

After each attunement, I will send you a corresponding manual. After all three attunements are done, I will send you a beautiful certificate you can proudly display on the wall. You will also be able to attune others!