Disclaimer about Essential Oils

My dearest friends,

I want you to make sure you know of my background when it comes to the use of Essential Oils and their uses. Though I espouse their use throughout my website, I am not a medical practitioner and for this reason I do not prescribe the use of Essential Oils in the case of illness or otherwise. I also cannot guarantee that where you follow my example with Essential oils that it will necessitate a cure or healing in certain areas.

I am firstly a spiritual practitioner and my work with oils is in this strictly spiritual context. As a spiritual practitioner, I use essential oils to balance, relax and harmonize emotions, thoughts and elevate energy.

Throughout this website, I have a focus on the Spiritual aspect of Essential oils. My experience of each of the essential oils I speak of is drawn from my time as a Spiritual Counselor, Psychic and Healer and my understanding of how oils affect on our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

If you need more info on how to heal your physical body I can certainly share privately what I have learned but this cannot be taken as anything more than a friend making a recommendation between each other. You should consult with a Herbalist or somebody with additional medical training in Essential oils to help out.

In my blog postings I only speak about doTERRA essential oils and their qualities.

During the sessions I will only use oils with your permission.

We are all different and beautifully unique, that is why, please listen to yourself, as what is good for one person might not apply for you.

If you find the info I have about Essential Oils interesting, you are more than welcome to try and use it to enhance your spiritual journey.

I hope that you will enjoy using these wonderful gifts from nature as much as I do!

Many blessings of health, wealth and love!

Maria Sidorova