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“I find that Karuna Reiki energy nowadays can be more effective and lead to a more profound healing session. The ascension process speeds up every day. There is no time for ignorance and procrastination. We need to use most powerful and efficient tools for healing and Karuna Reiki is definitely one of those tools. It brings higher vibrational energies to transform you in the most gentle, loving way!…” ~Maria Sidorova – Karuna Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Classes Teacher

Take your Reiki Training To A Whole New Level with Karuna Reiki Classes!

Karuna Reiki – The Ultimate Potential For Greater Healing!

This course is only taught to those who have been Reiki Masters for at least one year. As the energies are stronger and the potential for healing greater, Karuna Reiki Classes (compassioned action) is considered as the next step after traditional Reiki Master training.

Words to describe the energy that is being channeled are: stronger, more intense, or more powerful. At the same time, it also feels gentler and more compassionate in many ways.

Karuna Reiki is considered as a natural progression of Usui and Tibetan Reiki and is often described as a higher vibrational form of Reiki that possesses multi-dimensional properties!! Karuna Reiki utilizes the same life force energy that is used in other methods of Reiki. Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means compassionate action.

Karuna Reiki is also believed to have multi-dimensional properties. These additional dimensions are beyond our current time and space. However, once you are attuned to the Karuna Reiki frequency, you have an opportunity to expand your concept of reality. For this reason, becoming a Karuna Reiki practitioner is a transformational experience indeed!

This complete three day Karuna Reiki course includes:

  • Guided meditations!
  • Origin of Karuna Reiki!
  • Karuna Reiki spiritual guidance and connections with Spiritual Beings!
  • Karuna Reiki I and II symbols, their meanings and how to activate them.!
  • How to give a Karuna Reiki Treatment!
  • How to give Karuna Reiki Attunements (Practitioner Level 1, 2 and Master Level)!
  • Shadow Self Meditation!
  • Chanting and Toning with Karuna Reiki !
  • A class manual with in-depth descriptions of each of the 12 Symbols and the 4 Attunement processes!
  • Snacks and refreshments are also included!

And best of all after course completion you will be certified as a Karuna Reiki Master-Teacher and able to teach all levels. You will also be offered to become a Registered Karuna Reiki Master Teacher with The International Center for Reiki Training.

Information regarding the following topics is provided below:

  • Karuna Reiki Q&A

  • About Maria Sidorova – Karuna Reiki Classes Teacher

Karuna Reiki Q&A

Why to take Karuna Reiki classes?

Karuna Reiki ClassesKaruna Reiki is so very gentle and loving that it has to be experienced over and over again! It brings you to a place very well known and for many of us unfortunately forgotten sense of love and compassion.

Every Karuna Reiki session is a deep connection with your heart and soul. It connects you to a very feminine Mother like energy. It allows you to dwell into causeless love, causeless compassion, and causeless relaxation.

You feel supported and loved and as a result of those so much needed energies, you feel very empowered and relaxed.

You are very welcome to read more about Karuna Reiki on the Karuna Reiki Sessions web page or to continue reading and getting to know more on this page about Karuna Reiki classes.

Is Karuna Reiki more powerful than Usui Reiki?

Yes, Karuna Reiki considered being the next step in your Reiki expansion and exploration. It is taught to Usui Reiki Masters only. It has its own unique frequency and taste, and of course, it’s very personal. I invite you to have a healing session first, so you can have your own experience and taste of Karuna Reiki. I hope it will help you to feel if it’s right for you.

If you already have an urge to learn Karuna Reiki or are guided to take classes, I invite you into this beautiful life-changing experience – becoming Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher and spread this beautiful energy around the world!

Why does Karuna Reiki include chanting & toning?

It is very powerful! I love it! I was always fascinated by the power of using sound in my healing practice. For this reason, I use a lot of healing tools, such as Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, Tibetan tingsha cymbals, drums, and others.

After becoming a Karuna Reiki practitioner you will be able to use your own voice in order to support amazing healing to occur! You don’t have to be a professional singer; you don’t even have to have a good voice. I’m especially happy about it, as everybody, including me, can become an amazing sound healer! All that you have to do is trust the energy and inner guidance. And if you do so, it will have a very powerful healing effect!

How can I incorporate Karuna Reiki into my healing practice?

From my personal healing experience, many of my clients felt the difference once I started to use Karuna Reiki in my sessions. Many people love Usui Reiki and feel wonderful during sessions.

Ones I introduced them to Karuna Reiki, they felt a much higher vibrational energy. Some of them had past life experiences or traveled to higher vibrational realms. They also were able to relax even deeper and felt an even greater sense of inner peace, love, and well-being.

I find Karuna Reiki is an amazing addition and enhancement for any healing practice!

How many levels in Karuna Reiki?

There are 3 levels of Karuna Reiki. I usually teach them about a week apart, so you would have time to connect, practice and integrate. It will also allow you to write down your questions and to bring them to the next class.

You will be learning 4 symbols at levels 1 and 4, more symbols at level 2 Karuna Reiki. After completing level 3 you will be given 4 more Master symbols and you will be taught how to initiate others on all of the 3 levels, then you will become a Karuna Reiki Master – Teacher.

Can I take one-on-one Karuna Reiki classes?

Absolutely, it is always my pleasure to teach and initiate into the wonderful, powerful and gentle energy of Karuna Reiki. Please contact me in order to schedule your next Karuna Reiki class.

About Maria Sidorova – Karuna Reiki Classes Teacher

Hello wonderful amazing beings! Karuna Reiki Classes

The power of Reiki on its own is well renowned. Using a strand of Karuna Reiki, once I was initiated I could feel its healing and guidance almost immediately.

I am very impressed with its results and I think you will be too. Many of my clients noticed the difference right away! They have enjoyed these Karuna Reiki sessions very much and the wonderful experiences it is bringing them.

Some of my clients have noticed that they have connected with their Spirit Guides or Angels and felt the wonderful healing that came from these encounters. Others have found their past lives overlapping with their current lives and noticed similar patterns to help move their lives onwards.

The energy from Karuna Reiki must be experienced by more people and I would love to teach its practice to you. With this in mind, I have designed my course to be cost-effective to spread its power wide and far, without diminishing the value of it. This will allow you to become a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. Then you too can spread its good word and message.

Just in Level 1 Karuna Reiki classes you will be taught the symbols which heal:

  • past life issues;
  • karmic issues;
  • unconscious patterns;
  • the shadow self;
  • on cellular level;
  • child abuse;
  • sexual and physical abuse issues;
  • dispels psychic and psychological attacks;
  • heals addictions;
  • develops compassionate actions;
  • contact spiritual beings…. and so much more!

and there is so much more on levels 2 and 3!

I want you to experience Karuna Reiki and how to use it in your life daily. Please get in touch with me and watch the results right away by transforming your life and begin to live again.


Maria Sidorova

Your reading opened my soul and uncovered all my emotional blocks, which didn’t allow me to use my full potential. The reading helped me deeper understand my problems and give me what I really appreciate, the answers how to solve them
Beata K., Toronto