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Full Spectrum Light Reiki is a Full Spectrum Healing!
Full Spectrum Light ReikiFull Spectrum Light consists, like a rainbow, of all frequencies from infrared through near-ultraviolet and is, therefore, able to heal on many levels.

Sunlight is considered full spectrum and Full Spectrum Light works like it, with its many excellent properties. The most important is healing and regeneration.

Its energies also promote joy, happiness, peace of mind, calmness, and balance. It cleanses and protects from negative energies. It’s further great for use in meditation. Full Spectrum Light Reiki can be used as hands-on healing, like Reiki.

Once you are attuned to Full Spectrum Light Reiki, it is extremely simple to use the energy.


White Light Reiki – beautiful protection and purification!
white light reikiWhite Light long time associated and used for energy protection, cleansing and purification.

White Light Reiki will help you to expel negative energy with ease and power.

White Light Reiki is wonderful protection.

White Light Reiki is great for room purification or for any area with cleansing and purification of negative, stagnant energy.

Once you are attuned to White Light Reiki, it is extremely simple to use the energy.


Violet Flame Reiki – let go of the past traumas and negativity!
violet flame reiki

Violet Flame Reiki is good for disconnecting from nonconstructive energies and old situations.

Violet Flame Reiki transforms, transmutes negative energy.

Violet Flame Reiki is great for purifying the energy body and room cleansing.

It further helps release tension and speed recovery.

Once you are attuned to Violet Flame Reiki, it is extremely simple to use the energy.


Gold Reiki – a powerful transformation of fear into the light!
Gold Reiki

Gold Light is the strongest light of transformation in the physical universe!

Gold Reiki transmutes fear and darkness into light and joy!

You can use Gold Reiki as ordinary Reiki, alone or as a combination.

Once you are attuned to Gold Reiki, it is extremely simple to use the energy.


Magenta – a powerful healing energy of 1st and 7th chakras!
Magenta ReikiMagenta is a great healing energy that combines the energy of the colors Red and Purple.

The Red color will empower and energize the purple color, which is already an effective healer to work more efficiently.

The purple color will further lift the Red color and add a more spiritual nature to it.


How does distance attunement process work?

We will set up the day and time for your attunement. You do not have to be present, online or awake of the time of the attunement unless you wish so. In this case, you can just sit quietly in meditation, when ready please state: “I will now receive (name or names of the Light Reiki: Full Spectrum Light Reiki, Gold Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki, Magenta or White Light Reiki) attunement from Maria Sidorova.” Be open to receive the attunement and enjoy the process. 🙂

After the attunement is done, I will send you a beautiful certificate and a manual on how to use these Light Reiki energies. You will also be able to attune others!