Past Life Regression: to know your past, is to guide your future!

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“Of the many reasons why I practice Past Life Regression sessions, it is the opportunity for growth and learning which I value the most. Imagine regaining all of your past lives situational experience and using this to enhance your present life! Through connecting these memories, you can be free from the lies and illusions which have built up and you will become more than you can ever imagine!” ~ Maria Sidorova, Past Life Regression Certified Practitioner

Have you ever had déjà vu or repeating dreams about times and places you have never experienced or visited? If yes then maybe you are experiencing flashes from a past life! Or maybe you are wondering about current relationships, feelings, decisions or repeating patterns in your life. Often things that affect us most in our daily lives have roots in past lives.

Past life regression therapy is a technique that uses hypnosis for knowing about the past lives that you lived centuries or even decades back. Past life regression is typically assumed either in search of a religious experience, or in a psychotherapeutic surroundings.

Well, there’s no need to wonder any longer! Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Sessions can give you the clarity, wisdom, and answers you’ve been searching for. During these insightful sees ions, you can:

  • Heal your past and reinforce your present to set your future free!
  • Discover what your soul’s purpose is!
  • Learn why your soul chose this particular body and life!
  • Use your past life experience to heal present emotional wounds and even get rid of certain fears!
  • Work with Akashic Records – “Book of Life” — lessons for this incarnation!

With your consent, to enhance your experience during our session I might use Essential Oils and Flower Essences as required.


For more information please see below:

  • About Maria Sidorova – Past Life Regression Certified Practitioner
  • Past Life Regression Q&A

About Maria – Past Life Regression Certified Practitioner

Hello, my Infinite Divine Beings!

In this lifetime, have you felt like a situation is a case of de-ja-vu or inexplicable familiar? This is our brief glimpses into our infinite past lives and taking examples of the past. In participating in a Past Life Regression session with me, you will begin to understand who you have been in the past and how this impacts on who you are today. This is an opportunity for growth and learning from our past lives which you should grab with enthusiasm I know you have inside of you.

As a child, I wondered where certain likes and habits are coming from. Using my Past life Regressions, I was able to experience the love that has showered me through all of my lives, which I had underestimated. However, once I learned to accept and acknowledge this love, my outlook on life changed. I used these memories to heal the rifts between my parents and me.

This was a groundbreaking spiritual awakening for me. It changed the relationships of myself, how I saw my parents and the reality of “now.” These memories of happier times bring me happiness today, and I have learned from my past lives how to accept myself and others.

I want you to experience this spiritual awakening within you and learn how to use your past lives to develop your present further. Working in a Past life regression session with me will help you to grow beyond yourself and understand how you have evolved in the past in similar lifetimes.

So come and join me as we explore your Past lives! Let us see what you can uncover!

From the bottom of my heart,

Maria Sidorova

Past Life Regression Q&A:

I will be delighted to give you answers to most Frequently Asked Questions about past life regression.

What is a past life regression?

A soul can incarnate many times on this planet and sometimes on other planets and forms of life. These records are stored in the Superconscious Mind. In each of our lives, these are very special and unique, and in each incarnation, our soul goes through a variety of experiences, we learn new lessons and gain wisdom, we learn, and we grow.

But sometimes we bring the same patterns over and over again, and it causes discomfort, the feeling of being stuck, and even pain. We might notice it in many areas of our lives: relationship, wealth and abundance, health, mental restrictions, emotions and habits, spirituality.

The healing process of past life regression can release these blockages and enable you to move forward in this and further lives with much more ease, peace, love, and fun!

What’s the purpose and benefit of a past life regression session?

This is a deeply spiritual and personal experience which can help you for many reasons:

1. To connect to your many beautiful gifts and abilities and bring them into your current life.

Every life is different and miraculous, even if it’s a tough one. In every life, you have your unique set of gifts, abilities, and talents – your tool kit, which helps you to be adequately equipped to be able to go through that particular life.

For many reasons, and in many cases, we tend to ignore, forget, or sabotage these unique qualities we already have. Past life regression is a fantastic tool to help you “remember” and bring these gifts into your present life. You will be surprised how much do you know and how much you can do!

2. To heal the wounds and pains of the past life to feel freer and lighter.

In any life we had, even the most wonderful one, we went through harsh times, which caused pain and led to energetic blockages, wrong lower vibrational assumptions, emotional traumas. During the past life regression session, we can bring love and light to these experiences and allow deep healing to occur, which set us free to live and make higher vibrational choices!

3. We might go to the root of the issue to heal it and set you free.

You might be aware of the cause of the issue or not, or you might think that you know it as you remember circumstances, but the root of it might go much much more in-depth it might be in one of your past lives or even hundreds and hundreds of past lives back.

To neutralize a negative charge and heal the root of it, we go to the 1st time when you experienced it. We do the healing there, rewiring all of the further lives, and bringing new positive energy into the present and even into the future!

Will I remember my experience?

During the session, you will be in complete control and awareness. You will be able to be deeply relaxed, enjoying your inner experience, but still, hear my voice and answer my questions. For this reason, you will remember your experience of a past lire regression session.

Which one of my lives will be shown to me?

Many of us have had thousands and thousands of past lives. It’s fascinating how wise we are, how much we have experienced, and how much do we know! But it’s not up to me or you to choose a life to be shown to you. Your Divine, God, Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Consciousness, whatever you want to call it, will choose the most critical and appropriate life for you to experience at that moment.

If you want to come next time and had another past life regression session, it can be a very similar or opposite experience, we never know, and we live it up to the Higher Source. I always start the session with the prayer to help you to have the highest and best experience, most appropriate at this time for your spiritual growth and evolution from a Higher Self perspective.

Can I ask for a specific life to be shown to answer questions about my relationship or a particular person, situation, career or believe I have?

Yes, you can have a specific person you want to know more about or a recurring situation or a feeling. Or you may have just a pure desire to experience one of your past lives. It’s up to you.

Anyway, I invite you to be open, trust and have no particular expectation of how it’s going to be. As we will hand your request to the hands of the Divine, knowing that only the highest and best experience will be chosen for you.

How can I prepare myself for the session?

Please do not use any alcohol or drugs for at least a few days before the session. Do your spiritual routine, for instance; you may wish to meditate and pray of having the best experience. If it’s possible, please make healthy choices and let go 🙂

How do I know it’s happening and I’m not making it up?

First thing I want to say is how important it is to TRUST your experience! I can put you into a beautiful state of hypnosis, but I cannot make you trust your own inner experience.

The more you do hypnosis, the more you learn how to relax and let go, the easier it is for you to be aware and trust!

In most cases, if you have never done the hypnosis before, your mind will tell you that it’s not happening and you are making it up. And guess what, it’s totally normal and even predictable to feel so! 🙂

My suggestion, go with it! Do not be caught by your “tricky” mind; do not allow it to fool you around. I am watching you, and I know what the signs of one being in a hypnotic state are. You will be in hypnosis. But it’s your first experience, and it’s normal to question it.

The more you open and trust, the more benefits you will get out of this session!

P.S. For some reason, magic happens during your second and further sessions of a past life regression. Almost all of my clients who took second and additional sessions had no doubts that it was an experience of a past life!

How long can the session take?

The session usually takes about 2 hours. For various reasons it can take longer, for instance, if the issue we are processing is laying down very deep and takes extra time to process or the issue is complicated and involves much healing or depends on how cooperative you are during the session.

Before we start the session, I will get your permission to exceed the timing of 2 hours, if it’s required. In this case, if the session takes longer, I will charge an extra 60$ for each 1/2 hour.

What should I do after the session?

1. The energy work is never done just after we finish any healing session, such as Reiki or Hypnosis or a Past Life Regression. For this reason, I invite you to take some time to relax and allow the energy to integrate.

For your highest benefit, I invite you to take this profoundly spiritual work seriously and take some time to process your experience. Please don’t schedule any activity after the session, be gentle to yourself.

2. For this reason, I invite you to do, is to relax, take a walk, meditate or to have a nap; choose whatever feels most appropriate for you.

3. Then, please take a notebook and write your experience down by your hand. It’s the best way, as writing connects to your subconscious mind. Just let it all out, do not think or analyze, even if it’s a bit messy, you are not writing a poem 😉 but your experience.

4. Ones you feel, it’s done, you wrote everything you remember, only then start looking deeply into the messages, teachings, what you have learned. Do not analyze it with your mind, but with the wisdom of your heart.

5. Contemplate and meditate on the spiritual insights you had to integrate and anchor it deeply into your current life to repeat the same patterns, but to raze your energy higher and thrive in life!

Sometimes your experience might take up to 2 weeks; you might have dreams; more insights things might be coming to you after the session. Just welcome it and process in the five steps way I mentioned above.

If you need extra support n order to expand yourself further and integrate these energies even deeper, please book a Spiritual Guidance session with me.

Can anybody experience a past life?

Yes, everybody can do experience a past life. But there is always perfect timing when we ready for it.
Did you notice, if you take a new root you usually extra careful, you might doubt a bit and use maps more often, and the next time you take the same source, you feel more comfortable, it even feels as though it takes less time?

For this reason, I usually suggest taking Hypnosis session first, for you to get to know me and experience what hypnosis feels like, to be more comfortable and relax.

If you face many struggles and difficulties in your life, I also suggest doing the healing of the present wounds first, as this life is the most important one, simply because you live it, and then to do a past life regression. I find that in this case, your experience of a past life might be much more vivid and comprehensive.

For some of us, who are in significant stress and have a difficulty to relax, let go of the super active mind and hard to connect their feelings, it’s better to do some healing first, such as a Spiritual Counselling and Hypnotherapy.

What’s the difference between a past life regression and a past life reading?

It’s an interesting question, as I do both 🙂

As a psychic, sometimes I will be shown some of your past lives during an Intuitive work, such as a Card reading or a Reiki healing session. I’m always happy to pass these messages and guidance to you as it’s an essential message for you from your Spirit Guides.

Why I like providing a past life regression session because during the session you go through your own experience, it’s all yours, you feel it, you see it, you know it, sometimes you can even taste or smell it!

There are many wise sayings about it:

  • Seeing is believing.
  • One look is worth a thousand words.
  • It’s better to see once than hear a hundred times.
  • The proof of the pudding is in the eating. :))

If what I have said above has encouraged you to explore your past lives, get in touch today with me and let’s book a Past Life Regression session to continue your journey into discovering who you have been in the past and how it impacts on who you are today.

…thank you for your time, effort and support…
Habitat, Toronto