Pay It Forward and receive unconditional love back for your support!

Pay It Forward

Many of us have heard of positive karma and negative karma. Let me put it in a very simple way, when we act from love, help others and bring good to the world, we gain positive karma, which results in ease, luck and fortune in our lives.

Becoming aware of New Age laws of attraction and other laws of how energy works, we know that everything we send out comes back to us at least 7 times-fold or even more, so when we think, say or do acts of love, it comes back to us at least 7 times stronger.

Pay It Forward is a belief that I have within my business. At times those in need are reaching out for healing in order to get them back on their feet. At times we all have the availability to afford such healing and at times we are not financially able to pay for such support. I have chosen from my heart to set up a new process of helping others.

I am a great believer that the universe works in magical ways; by helping another in need it comes back to you, not only with love but a sense of togetherness that we are all one. We all have heart of this beautiful teaching “We are all one!” By helping the other, you are actually helping yourself!

Let’s try our best to unite, support and hold out our hand by “Paying It Forward”. If you feel you could help another kindred soul, I would like to offer you the opportunity to help someone who needs a session and some Spiritual Guidance and support him or her by participating in our Pay It Forward program by making a small donation if you so wish.

Pay It Forward donations we offer in support:

I want to give a 30 min gift to kindred soul for $80

I want to give an hour gift of a free session to a kindred soul for $160

I want to give 3 sessions to many kindred souls for $450

I want to give 10 session for the price of 9.
10 one hour sessions with Maria for $1440!

Sometimes those who need the benefit of these sessions are not in the best place financially to receive this support. While I would love to help them all, I cannot, but together we can! I have set up the Pay It Forward program to help others, when it is mostly required.

There are so many wonderful ways how you can help. I believe that the best way to help is to give practical tools to the one, so by applying those they can change their life for the best! That is why every service I offer is about giving you practical tools and practical help. Together we can do so much!

With love and gratitude for your support and care for another soul. Your donation will make such a difference to so many.

May you be blessed,

Maria Sidorova