Take a Seraphic Tour of Our Solar System!

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Taste a Planetary Energy Shower…

This is a very exciting and transitional time on Earth! There have been energetic planetary shifts and experiences not felt in 26,000 years and to help us adjust to this deluge of energies, the Seraphim Angels have given us the ability to open an energetic link to the Sun and Planets of our Solar System.

With attunements and the help of the Seraphim Angels, you can receive the energetic qualities or attributes of a specific planet, integrating it into your energy field to help offset the negative effects that other cosmic energies might have on our bodies and emotions.

The Sun and each Planet represent specific types of energies and vibrations. A Seraphic Planetary Wash immerses you in that Planet’s energy and qualities – it’s like taking vitamins in order to enhance one’s physical, emotional & spiritual abilities…

Each Planetary Energy Wash may either be received one at a time or combined if needed. Should you choose to take more than one wash and I will let you know the best time for you to experience the next wash at the end of the session.

You are welcome to choose a Planetary Energy Wash of one of the following: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.

How can the Seraphic Planetary Energy Washes relate to your day to day life?

Read the list below to see how you could benefit from any of these planetary energy washes. The attributes for each individual planet are as described by the Seraphim Angels.


  • Power and Strength
  • Oneness with the God Force

Will, Determination, Strength, Dignity, Authoritativeness, Confidence, Positivity, Reliance, Individualism, Vitality, Power, Loyalty, Leadership, Poise, Fortitude, Courage, Optimism, Faith.


  • Better communication with both physical and non-physical beings.
  • Strengthening our clairaudient abilities (hearing/listening) and throat chakra enhancement.
  • Giving us the ability to speak more easily before our peers.

Brilliance, Alertness, Articulateness, Versatility, Discrimination, Preciseness, Awareness, Efficiency, Dexterity.


  • The purity that results from the burning away of impurity
  • Innocence
  • Sweetness in life, and the enjoyment of sweet foods
  • Compassion
  • A love of luxury and fine things

Beauty, Harmony, Love, Devotion, Art, Refinement, Affection, Femininity, Attractiveness, Responsiveness, Gentleness, Courtesy, Cooperativeness, Constructiveness.


  • Initiative
  • ‘Can Do’ attitude
  • Assertiveness
  • Decisive
  • Focused
  • Dynamic energy
  • Passion
  • Courage

  • Good Luck
  • A feeling of one’s cup flowing over
  • Generosity
  • Financial Abundance

Principles of Expansion, Aspiration and Inspiration, Super Conscious Self, Understanding, Prosperity and Abundance, Faith and Optimism, Religion and Philosophy, Friendliness, Judgment.


  • Genius
  • Originality
  • Inventiveness
  • Playfulness
  • Sense of humor

  • Musical ability
  • Spiritual ability
  • Understanding subtlety and nuances in everything
  • Romance
  • Seeing God in others

Sensitivity, Psychic and mystical power, Cosmic consciousness, Dreams night or day, Illusion, Divine compassion.


  • Results in better judgment
  • Cuts through beliefs to see the real value of things
  • Realization of evanescence of life
  • Deeper Appreciation
  • Action based on life’s evanescence
  • More direct, more to the point
Your reading opened my soul and uncovered all my emotional blocks, which didn’t allow me to use my full potential. The reading helped me deeper understand my problems and give me what I really appreciate, the answers how to solve them
Beata K., Toronto