Quote-Book: Elevate Your Emotions

I have always found that the perspectives of the past allow me to make choices that encourage growth. The wisdom found in the words of others, or from a different perspective, adds diversity to each situation. That’s why Quote-Book is a fantastic addition to any library.

It is part of the Elevate Your Emotions series, consisting of several quotes about family, higher consciousness, and oneness. Quote-Book also covers the Vibrational Essence of Emotions so that we can learn from the Great Warriours from our past.

You will find specific definitions for the emotions that you experience in Quote-Book.

Let me share a few examples with you:

    • Anger is ignorance. One speaks or acts without understanding the Higher Purpose. It is also passionate, fiery, and unrestrained.

    • Joy is an emotion you experience when connecting to Divine. That means a stronger bond enables you to have more of it in your life.

Advice about how you can find balance in those heated moments when the emotion tries to take over your life you can find in the Elevate Your Emotions Book.

The journey I take through life is based on my choices. You experience outcomes based on your decisions. There can be times when our paths cross, or we may never get to walk together. Because of resources like Quote-Book, you and I can still create connections that broaden our horizons while working to elevation our emotions.

Quote-Book is available as a free gift. All blessings to you as you continue to explore your emotions.


Welcome to read Quote-Book and to share your thoughts, ideas and impressions in the Comment Box below.