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What is Reiki?

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Reiki is a universal life force energy, also known as Prana, Chi, Ki, Light, and Cosmic Energy. Once initiated you become a very powerful channel of Divine Reiki energy to help yourself and others if you wish so. You would also be able to help and heal plants, animals, Mother Earth, humanity and the universe in general.

A few things you should know about Reiki:

  • Reiki can do no harm
  • Reiki brings harmony and peace on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • You can be only initiated into Reiki by a Reiki Master-Teacher
  • Reiki energy coming from the source; bringing only what is for your highest and best good

How Reiki can help me?

Reiki Classes

Do you know that Reiki can help you to:

  • Heal and balance your chakras
  • Improve your relationships
  • Clear and protect your energy and the energy of your house
  • Increase nutritional value of your food
  • Manifest you dreams into reality
  • Deepen your meditation
  • Resolve past life issues and release negative karma and so much more

Why should I take Reiki classes?

Let me ask you, do you know who is the most powerful healer in the whole world?
It’s you! Yes, you got it right. You are your own most powerful healer. Think about it, who knows you better than you? Who knows better about what you like and dislike? How you feel and what you think about it? And what are your heart desires?

It’s always meant to be that way, you want to improve something, and you go and do it!
You might say, ”But I don’t know how to do it” or “ I’m not sure I’m powerful enough to do it,” so this is precisely why I invite you to take Reiki Classes! To get connected to the unlimited source of energy and to allow the Universe to help you.

Let’s make it clear; I’m NOT suggesting for you to quit your medication or to not to go to doctors. I am suggesting that you start investing in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health big time!

If you practice Reiki, I guarantee you will see the results. Overall you will feel better and stronger, you will have more energy, be at a deeper state of inner peace, your mind will be calmer, your perception will deeper, and you will appreciate and enjoy your life more!

Reiki is practice if you practice, you are going to see results. I have never met a person who would practice daily for a while and not see the results. What I’ve seen, within years of practicing and teaching Reiki, is that one will not see results if they do not practice. If they do, of my goodness they feel and look better, they are just lighter and happier. 🙂

Join us at upcoming Reiki Classes and witness Divine Reiki miracles yourself!
Ready to start I M P R O V I N G your life?

Reiki Classes “Even after years of teaching Reiki, every initiation is a miracle to me! Imagine, you walked in, and just after a few hours of training, you become a certified healer! What would take one year or even decades of hard work and study, before we knew Reiki, takes less than a day now! What is it if not a pure first-grade Divine miracle?!”~Maria Sidorova, Reiki Master, Reiki Classes Teacher.

Become a certified Reiki Energy Healer – heal yourself and your loved ones! Once you try Reiki, you will like the rejuvenating feeling. It has gentle but intense energy. After taking just one day of my Reiki classes and training, facilitated by Reiki Master Maria Sidorova, you will be able to treat yourself to Reiki as often as you want for as long as you want!

You can also help others by giving full Reiki Energy Healing treatments. All workshops meet the standards of the Canadian Reiki Association. Upon completion, you will receive certification and a comprehensive Reiki manual. Reiki is generally split into three levels: Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 (Master & Teacher levels).

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Information regarding the following topics is provided below:

  • Reiki classes outline
  • Reiki classes FAQ
  • About Maria Sidorova – Reiki Master-Teacher
  • Testimonials of Maria’s Reiki students

Reiki Classes Level 1 – I currently don’t run Reiki Classes
In this dynamic interactive one-day workshop you will learn:

  • The history of Reiki
  • The Five Reiki Principles
  • Hand positions for treating yourself and treating others
  • How to use Reiki to balance chakras
  • Important ethics about healing
  • How to use Reiki to enhance other aspects of your life

During this workshop you will receive Reiki Level One attunements. Reiki 1 attunement will help you :

  • To open up to the Universal energy flow
  • Bringing Harmony
  • Peace and Healing to yourself and others

Reiki initiations take about 20-30 minutes and are a very peaceful and calming experience. All Reiki Level 1 class materials and hand-outs are included.

Reiki Classes Level 2 (Initiation/Attunement)
This in depth one-day workshop teaches:

  • Traditional sacred Reiki symbols to boost your healing power
  • Different methods of distance healing
  • How to work with energy to scan auras, remove energy blocks & balance chakras
  • How to use the breath to heal
  • How to manifest using Reiki

During this workshop you will receive Reiki Level Two attunements. Reiki 2 attunement will help you :

  • To increase the healing energy you channel, both for yourself and others.

Here one also learns 3 Reiki symbols:

  • The Power Symbol,
  • The Mental Symbol and
  • The Distance Symbol

The Reiki 2 initiations appear to have more effect on the subtle body also known as the Aura in the western world. All Reiki Level 2 materials and hand-outs are included.

Reiki Classes Level 3 – Master & Teacher Initiation/Attunement

In this extensive two-day workshop, you will:

  • Learn sacred Master Reiki symbols
  • Practice different methods to attune/initiate others in all levels of Reiki
  • Learn how to use Reiki to create a business
  • Learn how to teach others to be successful Reiki practitioners and teachers

During this workshop you will receive Reiki Level Three attunements. Reiki 3 attunement will help you :

  • To master your Reiki practice.
  • Open yourself to higher energies
  • To become a wider channel.

Teach and attune others – become a Reiki Master Teacher! All Reiki Level 3 materials and hand-outs are included.

Please visit Variety of Reiki Styles page to find out about other Reiki classes I hold.

If you are a first time customer, please make a 100% deposit to reserve your session with Maria.

Cancellation policy: I appreciate that in certain circumstances life may throw curveballs which mean you may not be able to attend our session. To ensure my availability to you and others, where such appointments are broken with more than 24 hours notice, there will no fee charged. However, where there are last-minute cancellations of less than 24 hours, I must charge 50% of the price of the session.

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Reiki FAQ

-What is Reiki? And what should I expect from Reiki Initiation?


Reiki – is an ancient natural healing technique. The word “Rei” can be translated from Japanese as “universal” and “Ki” means “light force energy.” Reiki reduces stress, increases relaxation, and stimulates healing. It is known in different cultures as Prana, Chi, Ki, Light, and Cosmic Energy. Reiki does not have any affiliation with any specific religious practice or religion. It is an energy work with the aid of forces that are spiritually guided.

Reiki Level 1 attunement opens a Reiki channel for you in the four initiations: the actual opening of the Reiki channel, cleansing, strengthening energy and protection.

When the initiation starts, a person experiences a beautiful change: a stream of energy flows throws his body, and the feeling of contact with the Creator is established. There is a rush of love and joy in the soul, and at that moment, his body, mind, and soul are perfectly synchronized. The initiation strengthens the bridge between the body and soul, which helps in opening the “third eye.”

You become a channel of divine Reiki energy to help yourself, the plants, the animals, the humanity and the universe in general.The the healing provided by Reiki is not only limited to physical wellbeing, but it encompasses all aspects of emotional, mental, and spiritual health so that you can live the life you have always dreamed of living. You are under the powerful protection of Reiki channel which will lead you and your client towards a Spiritual Journey that will not only leave your body refreshed and healthier but will help you get in touch with yourself.

Reiki is super-intelligent energy as it comes from a natural source and knows what needs to be treated the most. Reiki cannot harm. For this reason, you will not feel drained as you are not giving your energy away, but you will feel charged and energized.

Reiki has the ability to cleanse you and your client of all the negative influences; it fills life with happiness, health, love, and prosperity. It increases your intuition and hence the possibility of accurate analysis and prediction of a situation.

Reiki provides powerful protection to the body, soul, and spirit alike!
Reiki is life, happiness, and health!

-How should I choose a Reiki Master-Teacher to learn from and have initiations from?

Choosing your Reiki instructor is an essential step, which must be taken very carefully. Your Reiki teacher is not there to initiate you, but to help you to learn and grow spiritually and expand your reality. So before choosing your Reiki Master- make sure you are selecting the teacher that you respect, trust and will have a strong bond with.

I would suggest you consider the following criteria:

    • Read their Bio and see if it resonates with you;
    • Do they have an adequate experience of teaching and practicing Reiki?
    • Look at the picture of the Reiki Master; do you have a good feeling about them?
    • Read testimonials of other students;
    • Do they belong to a professional organization, for example, CRA;
    • Will you get handouts and an accredited certificate by completing the course?


-Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will get a certificate that can be proudly placed as a laurel on your wall. You can also use it as a proof of your training in case you want to apply for membership in a professional organization of Reiki.

-Are there any prerequisites for taking Reiki classes?

There are no prerequisites for taking the Reiki level 1 class. Anyone can learn Reiki. I dream that one day, our kids will be taught Reiki so that they can heal themselves and others, and their strength and confidence is boosted. Reiki will help them in developing sensitivity towards the emotions and feelings of others and benefit them in various other ways.

To take a Reiki level, two classes, taking level 1 course is mandatory. And if you wish to take Reiki Level 3 – Master level class, you will have to take Reiki Level 2 class first so that you are familiar with the basics before progressing to advanced levels.

-Do I have to have unique gift or abilities to take Reiki classes?

No, Reiki is a system proven to work on every initiated student! Everyone can practice Reiki and benefit from it.

-Is there a chance that initiation wouldn’t work and I would not become a Reiki practitioner?

No, within years of practicing and teaching Reiki, I have never heard of such an issue.
Who can learn Reiki?

Anyone who wants to benefit from the power of nature with the help of a, proven, easy, and self-empowering technique to work on their physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues or to experience greater levels of peace, harmony, love.

Reiki is also a perfect option for people who want to attain an ideal synchronization and harmony between their physical and spiritual health anytime and anywhere by merely allowing the light force energy to flow through their own hands and experience the magical healing powers of Reiki.

-Do I have to take all three levels of Reiki?

No, it’s entirely up to you. You can take as many Reiki classes as you want.

-Does Reiki work with chakras and will Reiki help me to align my chakras?

Yes, there are a few different ways of how you can use Reiki to balance and harmonize your chakras. After taking the level 1 class, you will get to know at least four different ways of how Reiki can do that. During Reiki level 2 class, your knowledge will deepen and cover broader aspects.

-After taking Reiki classes with you, will I be eligible for CRA (Canadian Reiki Association?)

Yes, you will be able to apply anytime you choose to.

-Do I have to become a member of CRA to practice Reiki?

No, it’s entirely up to you.

If you are interested in learning Reiki, please check our teaching schedule or contact Maria for the upcoming classes and dates!

About Reiki Master-Teacher Maria Sidorova

Namaste beloveds,


Have you ever sought some deeper meaning in your life or yearned to understand your surroundings more intimately? This was how it was for me when Reiki came into my life over ten years ago. So much so that now after all my excellent Reiki teaching in Russia and Canada, I am a member of the Canadian Association of Reiki and the American Association of Reiki.

The incredible gift of Reiki has bestowed on me the witness of many incredible miracles involving myself; my friends and family; and my clients.

I want you to learn Reiki. I want you to understand Reiki’s power to help, heal, and transform us all most optimally and gently. When you learn Reiki, you will begin your journey to achieving the highest form of your identity. Working with me, I will show you how to use Reiki daily, including:

  • Clean and charge your food and drinks with Reiki;
  • Charge crystals with Reiki energy;
  • Work on your chakras in order to harmonize and balance energy;
  • Do distance healings – send energy across time, space and distance;
  • How to fulfill your wishes with the use of Reiki;
  • How to do powerful detox using Reiki;
  • Resolve problematic situations;
  • Clean and protect your house;
  • Balance mental body – clear mental blockages and programs;
  • Help you to be at inner-piece and heal emotional body from stress and pain;
  • Send energy in order to clean your Karma;
  • Send energy to your deceased relatives to help them to heal and support their growth on the other side;
  • Bring your meditation to a whole new higher level;
  • Integrate with Reiki energy on cellular level …. and much much more.

Reiki will always be there with you. So get in touch with me today and let us continue your and my journey with Reiki together.

With Love and Light,

Maria Sidorova

Here what students say about Reiki Classes with Maria Sidorova:

I’ve made a lot of research for a great Reiki master for me. When I saw Maria, I knew I made a great choice. She discovered my personality as she already knew me. She gave me so much advice connected to my questions. ~Michaela V., Toronto


Thank you Maria, accepting me as your student to provide Reiki Teacher training. It was divine experience with you, and you answered all my questions. You are wonderful and loving, Professional Person. I am so grateful that I have met you. I believe God Blessed me through you. It was very satisfying Reiki Training with you. Thank you God. Thank You Reiki. Thank you Maria. ~ Devangi P., Toronto


Dear Maria, Thank you so very much for the opportunity to try Reiki. It was an awesome experience. I loved your teaching methods, and how you structured the day – your stories of personal experiences, your honest beliefs, your knowledge… how you shared everything was just perfect. I learned a lot. I will keep in touch and truly appreciate your mentorship and support. Thank you, ~Leo L., Toronto


Reiki level 1 with Maria was fantastic. The course is very thorough and covered everything I needed to know to practice Reiki. Maria is very knowledgable, experienced, and patient when answering questions. Overall I am very happy with the experience and would definitely recommend it! ~ Caryn B., Toronto


Maria gave me this opportunity to connect with my inner self better by providing me with the platform of learning and practising REIKI. I now not only practice it by myself after level 1 certification but immensely benefit from the portal of energy that flows through me. Thank you Maria. Thank you Expand Reality. ~Aditi S, Toronto


I keep practicing Reiki healings every day and as a result of that, I feel lightness in everyday life. I feel Reiki energy in my hands and ones I place them on my body during the meditation, I feel warmth in the places where my hands are touching my body. 🙂 I keep practicing and opening new horizons 🙂 Maria, thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge and experience! ~Alexey S., Toronto


Maria, I feel honoured to receive Reiki initiation from you. I will practice to deepen my connection daily. I truly feel gratitude to be blessed with energy source to heal others through me. Thank you for all Reiki blessings! ~ Deepa V., Toronto


Many positive experiences, very interesting. Gifted teacher able to read everyone’s energy and give each person the attention needed to understand everything clearly. ~ Jason F., Toronto


Maria, is a gentle joyful positive teacher. She brings out the best in each student when teaching Reiki. ~ Sheila M., Toronto


Maria is an excellent teacher with genuine insight. I am happy to have taken the Reiki Course. ~ Sharlene R., Toronto


Your reading opened my soul and uncovered all my emotional blocks, which didn’t allow me to use my full potential. The reading helped me deeper understand my problems and give me what I really appreciate, the answers how to solve them
Beata K., Toronto