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Tarot Classes

I had many students coming to Tarot Classes after years of trying to learn how to read Tarot cards by themselves or by reading books. Unfortunately, they were totally confused and not able to do more than open the book and read the meaning of the card. This approach has nothing to do with reading cards! Tarot is the book of wisdom! It’s alive! It’s “breathing,” and it answers your questions in a very personal way, according to your personality and the current circumstances of life.

We are all unique and the universe will speak to each of us in a very special way! For this reason, I developed these Classes, so you can learn how to read same cards for different people, receive Divine guidance and explore what the universe wants to say to you and to others! ~Maria Sidorova -Tarot card reader, Tarot classes teacher

Due to the current world situation, only online Private Tarot Classes available. The special price is 900$ for all 5 classes, usually 1200$. You are welcome to choose any of the following payment methods: Cash, Cheque, Email Transfer or PayPal.

Private Tarot Card Reading Classes is a series of 5 classes. The fee is $900.

Tarot Classes:

Have you ever wanted to know how to read the Tarot cards both for yourself and others? Are you curious, but don’t know how? If you answered “yes,” then these classes are for you! Our Tarot Classes / Tarot Classes will help you to develop your intuition, give you much-needed guidance, and can show you the way to personal growth and abundance!

During our Tarot Classes you will:

  • Get to know the meanings of each Tarot card!
  • Learn different types of Tarot card spreads for different life situations!
  • Become aware of how to overcome difficulties to achieve abundance and fulfillment!
  • Understand how to give a good reading versus a bad reading!
  • Overcome your fears and blocks to read cards with confidence!
  • Learn why certain desired results have not materialized in the physical plane and how to bring energetic corrections!
  • Discover the most economical way to get through challenging times of transformation!
  • Welcome positive energy and positive change into your life while enhancing the connection to your Higher Self!

You will receive a nice certificate at the end of five weeks. You can frame it and proudly display it on your wall!

Become a Certified Tarot Card Readier! Book Your Tarot Classes Today!

NEW: Tarot Classes are available both, in person and via Skype!

You are welcome to choose any of the following payment methods: Cash, Cheque, Email Transfer, or PayPal.

Develop your intuition – welcome to the magic and wisdom of the Tarot!

Information regarding the following topics is provided below:

  • Tarot classes outline
  • Tarot Classes FAQ
  • About Maria – Tarot classes teacher
  • Testimonials of Maria’s Tarot Classes students

1. Tarot Card Reading Classes – Beginner level

This level is about learning the meanings of the cards, and feeling comfortable with giving readings for yourself and others!

During this course, you will:

  • Deeply and thoroughly learn the meanings of each card!
  • Learn Tarot numerology and elements of Tarot suits!
  • Master how to read one, two, and a set of three cards as the answer to your question!
  • Learn how to read cards about your past, present, and future!
  • Practice a Master spread which gives answers to almost all of your questions!
  • Get to know essential keys you can use with ANY spread to enhance your readings!
  • Learn what the Flow of reading cards is and how to apply it to enrich your readings! and much more…

2. Tarot Card Reading Classes – Intermediate level

This level will help you to get into the subtlety of energies. The intermediate level is about learning the vibrations of each card – getting beyond the words into the world of magic of the cards with fun and ease! You will be able to apply this knowledge to any other spiritual practices you use!

During this course, you will:

  • Get to know the Vibrational Scale of cards and spreads – how you can understand, measure, feel and even “taste” the energy of the cards via the vibration– beyond the words!
  • Get to know the Sacred Spiral of change and how Tarot cards can show you where you or your clients are on your spiritual path and what needs to be healed in order to move forward!
  • Learn the spread you can apply on a daily basis to make your daily life spectacular!
  • Study the spread to help you to improve your relationship with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues!
  • Learn the spread, which will help you to look at spiritual aspects of yourself in many different orientations and define where you are, what needs to be improved and what will be the result of these changes! and much more 🙂

3. Tarot Card Reading classes – Professional Tarot Reader!

After you’ve learned the meanings of the cards and are familiar with them as your good friends, you can start learning how to see people and their energies in cards. The Professional Tarot card reader level is about giving in-depth professional readings for yourself and others!

During this course, you will:

  • Learn how to recognize different types of people and their energies in cards and how to give a different type of Tarot reading for different types of clients!
  • Get to know what Karma is and how you can let go of Karmic ties with the use of Tarot cards!
  • Learn the Karmic relationship spread to bring more light into your relationships!
  • Understand where you are at this point in time with respect to your karmic state and what your karmic lessons are!
  • Learn in-depth layout which will give you clarity of where you are on all levels of your being and what you need to do in order to shift and expand your reality. You will be able to use and apply messages from this spread for at least 6 months to up to a year!
  • Different meanings of the cards for different people and situations! and much more!

Develop your intuition – welcome to the magic and wisdom of the Tarot!

4. Tarot Master Classes

This level is about learning anything else you ever wished to learn about Tarot cards!

During these Tarot Master Classes you will get to know:

  • How to answer any given question with Tarot!
  • Tarot numerology!
  • Life purpose readings!
  • Creating your own spreads!
  • Tarot cards as a business: timing, pricing, channelled theme, and colors for your website, advertising!
  • Understand the difference between Good vs Bad reading!
  • Learn how to deal with “difficult” clients!
  • Work with energies on a professional level: self-protection, cleansing, and ecological reading of the energies of your client!
  • Q & A and much more…

Tarot Classes FAQ

Why would you learn how to read Tarot cards?

The Tarot card will give you much-needed guidance and support every time you need it and think about it. You do not need to call and ask anybody; you do not need to pay and think if you can trust the reader. The only thing you will need is your deck of Tarot cards and ask the best-trusted source, our higher consciousness, and get the answers directly from them without a third party involved. You will be able to do this anytime you want, and every time you feel like being supported and lead. You will also be available to give readings to others. After taking Tarot classes levels 1 & 2 perform readings to your friends and family. After taking Tarot classes level 3 to the general public and anybody who asks for a reading.

Can anybody learn to do readings?

Absolutely, you do not need to have any ‘special’ ‘tools’ or ‘gifts,’ what you need is the desire to learn, open heart, and practice. I invite you to bring all of your fears and concerns to the classes, and we will ask the Universe to dispel them! You will see how interesting and powerful it is to read Tarot cards!

What if I am not intuitive?

First of all, let me say that no one is not intuitive; we all are. It’s just we do not use and rely on our intuition. For this reason, I created different classes to help you start using what you already have in your tool kit. The Tarot classes I teach are designed to help you gently connect, develop and rely on your intuition in case you are very new to it and need to delve much deeper and open it up from another angle for the advanced students.

How learning Tarot will develop and enhance my intuition?

During our classes, we will be doing a lot of practice with reading cards and intuition development exercises. With every class, you learn more and more intuitive spiritual tools, very practical and useful. Once you start reading the cards, you will see how every card will give you so many different messages. As a professional reader, every time I do readings, I learn and grow from each reading, and my intuition develops to a new level. I would be delighted to teach you all that I know to help you to become a very powerful, intuitive reader.

What if I want to be a professional Tarot reader?

Excellent, it is my honor and great pleasure to pass on my experience and to teach you to be a professional reader. I suggest you take all three levels to get the most benefit from the classes and to be a professional, confident Tarot reader.

What if I don’t want to be a professional Tarot reader?

Great, the good news is you can use the cards for anything you want, maybe just for yourself. It’s totally fine; it’s your choice. I’m confident you will open a new door to many fantastic opportunities by just asking for Divine help and following your intuition. Guess what, you can only win by learning how to read Tarot cards!

What deck will we use and why?Tarot Classes

During the classes, we will be using ‘The Rider Tarot Deck ‘also known as ‘The Waite Tarot ‘and ‘The Rider-Waite Taro.’ First of all, all the students must have the same card deck to not be confused. Second of all, the pictures on the cards are exact representations of the meaning of the course I teach, so it’s much easier to remember meanings by simply looking at the card and applying the definition.

Once you finish the classes, you are very welcome to start any other deck you feel drawn to. In my personal experience, every reader I know has this deck; it is a classic. 🙂

Can I take Tarot classes via Skype?

Yes, it is my pleasure to offer Skype classes as well, so no matter where you are, you can always join us. 🙂 I have many international students taking courses from Asia, Europe, Russia, and America. I find it to be miraculous, fun, and brings a very special flavor to each class, so no matter where you are, you are welcome to join our Tarot classes.

Do I have to take all three levels?

You are welcome to take as many levels as you wish. Every level brings you to a new height and opens new opportunities and possibilities. For some of you, the first level might be just enough, and it’s okay. I have some students who want to continue taking classes even after taking level 3, asking for a level 4. The decision is yours.

I’ve already taken other Tarot Classes, why should I choose you?

Every reader reads and teaches the cards differently. Even my students taking some classes from me will give you a different reading. It is not only because we are beautifully different, but also because we have a personal relationship with the cards. For this reason, even if you have taken Tarot classes before, we would have to start from scratch, so I can teach you the way I read cards.

Are you available for private one-on-one classes?

Yes, if you feel like taking a private Tarot class, I will be happy to teach you. In this case, you will have the luxury of a personal schedule, based on your and my availability. Each course consists of 5 classes, 2 hours each. The fee for all five classes of one-on-one Tarot learning is at a special price of $900.00 for each level now, usually 1200$. Please contact Maria in case of interest.

About Tarot Teacher Maria Sidorova

Tarot Classes FAQHello, my beautiful friends!

To help you begin your journey, let me start with mine. I was born in Moscow, Russia, where we did not have any Tarot cards available to us. What we did have were playing cards, lots and lots of decks of playing cards! However, a child’s imagination is a beautiful thing. Examining those court cards, I began to wonder about the Kings, Queens, Knaves, and Jokers; their stories; what their lives look like; and what their character is like. I created stories and imagined how they related to one another.

Tarot does not teach us anything we do not already know; Tarot teaches us how to interpret what we do know by guiding us through our life’s paths and decisions. That is why you are here today. Tarot has called to you and is asking you to trust your instincts when it comes to selecting a Tarot teacher to further your understanding. I only hope that you feel comfortable enough to trust me to begin that journey with you.

Though time has moved on, my fascination and trust in the Tarot card cards have progressed through the learning of different and beautiful ways to read the cards from many very gifted teachers. I continue to learn from using Tarot cards because they know the essence of the soul’s journey, using its’ collective wisdom to show me the right path.

Our journey with the cards will continue on this road of mutual learning. The cards are much more than a divination tool of what is to happen next; they help your journey manifest into reality. In journeying with the cards, your intuition and spirituality will continue to develop and deepen.

I want you to come on this journey with me, and I will share my knowledge with you!

Let the wisdom of Tarot shine upon you, and may you be wise in accepting Higher guidance that wishes to come through Tarot cards!

Maria Sidorova

Please click to get to know more about Maria Sidorova .

What students say about Tarot Classes with Maria:

Maria was a wonderful tarot card teacher. I learned a lot from her, and have found the cards to be a great way to tap into my intuition. Using the cards every day, give me a unique way of seeing the world. I hope they do the same for you. ~Dominic A., Toronto


I tried to self-teach myself Tarot cards for 5 years through books and the internet. Not possible. I was lucky to find Maria who has taught me not only how to read Tarot cards but a great deal about spirituality. Now I now know how to read Tarot cards! I give Maria top marks, 5 stars out of 5 stars! ~ Shannon C., Toronto


Thank you Maria for the Tarot Reading classes, you helped me to develop my intuitive skills, your wisdom allowed me to see all the potential I can accomplish, and my reading skills increased exponentially. ~ Fernando E., Toronto


Maria, thank you for your support. I am pleased to have you as my Master/Teacher and Mentor. Your guidance and love throughout this growing experience has indeed expanded my world❣️ With much love and gratitude, Leola D., Toronto


Maria, I want to thank you for teaching me how to read Tarot cards. I really enjoyed the classes, and I learned a lot. I can’t wait to read them for my friends : ) ~ Jae K., Toronto


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like a winner already. Thanks for all your help and knowledge. I feel stronger from the inside. I’m taking my cards with me; they are a part of me now… ~ Velia R., Toronto


Maria, thank you for sharing your wisdom about amazing Tarot cards. You are a great teacher. Wishing you all the best ~ Olesya M., Toronto


Maria, thanks for the opportunity to learn from you. You are amazing and have such a great understanding of what and how you teach. ~ Harry V., Toronto


Maria, your reading was so vibrant and accurate. Within weeks changes spoken of in my reading really became clear and happened. My father’s tumor also released from his body, by his choices as you said. Thank you for sharing your gifts
Marlena R., Тoronto