Become a Seraphic Wisdom Practitioner with the Seraph’s Love and Faith workshop and The Birth of the New Avalon; Canada the Land of Dreams is Awakening!

The Seraph’s Love and Faith

The Seraph’s Love and Faith and The Birth of the New Avalon workshops currently unavailable

Become a Seraphic Wisdom Practitioner:

  • 1. The Seraph’s Love and Faith Workshop;
  • 2. The Birth of the New Avalon; Canada the Land of Dreams is Awakening Workshop.
  • The Seraphim are the highest order of Angels and therefore closest to God. The Seraphim Angels are here to act as a bridge to connect you to the Divine so you can access your true inner strength. They create this bridge of light connecting heaven and earth.

    These beautiful Angels bring us the knowledge of how to create oneness with our spiritual selves and our physical selves. Most of us who are following a spiritual path can appear to be enlightened but we are still living in two worlds – the one within and the one without.

    The Seraphim Angels have been in communication with people for centuries, but it is only now that we are ready to hear them and receive their guidance that we are once again aware of their presence.

    Unlike the gentle comforting Angelic energy that you may have become accustomed to the energy of the Seraphim is intense, dynamic and powerful. Angels are generally portrayed in 9 choirs or Celestial hierarchy, with the Seraphim as the highest order guarding the throne of God. The Seraphim are often depicted as ‘flaming Angels’ with six pairs of wings to represent them as on fire with love. They are described as holding the power to purify and enlighten.

    Be mindful of what you ask for though, because you may be surprised at how fast the Seraphim get things done!

    The Seraph’s Love and Faith workshop

    Once you take The Seraph’s Love and Faith Workshop and become a Seraphic Wisdom Practitioner, you can use these energies to enhance your life and well-being, as well as assisting with healing and helping humanity and the earth if you so choose.

    In this powerful workshop, the Seraphim Angels will lift up Love and Faith for all of the participants to higher levels. With all of the initiations, you will receive from the Seraph you will also have a jump start for activating serious new beginnings – for a sustained lifestyle in harmony with Mother Earth.

    Working with the Seraph can also clear Karmic issues. After the workshop, you will be able to activate the connection to Seraph ADALIAN and the seraphic spheres for creating special waves of Divine Love and Faith, with clear intention!

    During The Seraph’s Love and Faith Workshop you will receive 22 Initiations including:

      • Channels directly to the Seraph!

    The Seraph's Love and Faith

    • Initiation into the wave of love!
    • Initiation into the wave of love and wave of faith!
    • Initiation into the wave of love and healing!
    • Initiation into the wave of faith and manifestation!
    • Initiation into the wave of oneness source of all that is!
    • Activation of 3 Cosmic Hearts!
    • Seraphic Potential!
    • Connection to the I AM Presence!
    • The Seraphic Pulse and Seraphic Gene!
    • Wisdom of the Land and Clearing of the Native American trauma!
    • Energy flow between North and South America!
    • Healing energies Practitioners can use for themselves, as well as, others in sessions with clients, family members!
    • Learn how to activate Angelic energy with confidence and ease, a universal energy that is available to all who desire to use it!

    Their guidance is direct and practical. When you read or listen to their teachings and guidance you can feel the most amazing love within it.

    Workshop Information:

    All materials and hand-outs are included. The Seraph’s Love and Faith Workshop duration is about 8 hours.

    The Birth of the New Avalon; Canada the Land of Dreams is Awakening workshop

    The Birth of the New Avalon

    The middle-age Avalon was the kingdom of shamans and nature priestesses and so the New Avalon is the space for creating a new harmony between mankind and nature. Now the energies of the New Avalon are ready to come into the world.

    The crystalline structure of the New Avalon has been protected in other dimensional rooms and it was also perfectly harmonized with the earth and the development of human consciousness until the time, when the New Earth Guardians are ready to take their own responsibility to enter that wonderful place, called the New Avalon.


    During The Birth of the New Avalon; Canada the Land of Dreams is Awakening Workshop you will receive numerous Initiations including:

    • Seraph ADALIAN’s Earth Healing Attunements with Canada’s sacred springs,
    • sacred groves,
    • crystalline treasures;
    • the crystalline cities of silver and gold;
    • consciousness of dolphins, keepers of the crystal sounds;
    • your personal animal totem and power stone… and much more

    Those with a past link to Atlantian/Lemurian times will feel a quickening of recognition that will awaken the wisdom and power of their energetic personal double Dorje. The initiations received in this course are too numerous to list. Guardians of the New Earth have been waiting and now is the time to awaken these gifts you possess.

    The time has come to support the expanding of these energies in our bodies, the country of Canada and the continent of North America. As each new country and continent has an awakening all places will come together with a united consciousness and awakening. The ultimate goal is for all to connect through the heart as each individual is called to make a contribution for the good of all.

    What students say about The Seraph’s Love and Faith & The Birth of the New Avalon workshops with Maria Sidorova:

    The Seraphim workshop blessed me so much. I feel connected to God & to my being & depth of purpose in the universe of who I am meant to be. I am very thankful Maria suggested it to me. I will never be the same. ~Mykella VK., Toronto


    This workshop with the Seraph has helped me grow spiritually by opening up to the many guidance out there to connect stronger to God. Thank you Maria! ~Lily S., Toronto


    I have taken many of Maria’s courses. She is extremely insightful and has helped tremendously. The latest course – The New Avalon – for activation of Seraph ADALIAN energies was amazing. ~Sharlene R., Toronto


    The Seraph angel course was amazing. Very healing and peaceful energies. Thank Maria, you are a great teacher. ~Sharlene R., Toronto


    Thank you Maria for Angelic workshop I liked very much. It helped me to connect with my Divine, get more sensitivity, discover some love in me, around me.  ~ Tony P., Toronto


    After a long time of looking for participate in the workshop, now I can see the reason why it was resonating so much with me. It was pleasant experience where, with Maria as a teacher, I was allowed to interpreted my need to get closer & ask for the support of the Seraph to heal different aspects of myself of where I was stepping apart of my connection with the Mother Earth and Her importance to my manifestation and contribution to the planet.  Maria was very supportive during the process and helped me to understand the meaning of each initiation. I feel very grateful for having her as a teacher. I think she is a great example of living with integration with our spiritual beings. J ~Denisse C., Toronto


    Wonderful workshop, strong and gentle energy opened my heart chakra. Thanks to the Seraph and Maria. ~A.P., Toronto


    My experience during the Seraph workshop was an overall a soft experience that joined me together with love and light. I am grateful. ~Leola D., Toronto


    Your reading opened my soul and uncovered all my emotional blocks, which didn’t allow me to use my full potential. The reading helped me deeper understand my problems and give me what I really appreciate, the answers how to solve them
    Beata K., Toronto