100+ Reiki daily uses for a happy, meaningful life

How would you like to invite Divine magic into your life?

Why Reiki?

Reiki is the universal energy everything and everybody made of. We are energy, we made of energy and we have energy. But let me ask you, do you know how to use it, what to do with it and how to change your life for the best with it?

There are two different things, Reiki energy everything is made of and Reiki practice which gives you asses and tools to the Universal energy to enhance all aspects and areas of your life.

There is a quick and easy way to find out if you would benefit from Reiki or not.

Please ask yourself the following questions:

    • Would I like to manifest loving relationships, greater health, more abundance?

    • Would I like to cultivate certain inner-qualities: inner-peace, patience, acceptance, joy….?

    • Would I like to be able to help my loved ones, even when I am physically not there?

    • Would I like my energy to be balanced, harmonized, and optimized?

    • Would I like to be a Master-Manifestor?

    • Would I like to be more positive and to change my way of thinking?

    • Would I like to be able to experience deep meditation or to deepen my meditation?

    • Would I like to help to change the world for the best?

There are endless things you can do with Reiki. There are literally no limits to it. Nothing is too small or too big for it.

In 100+ Reiki daily uses for a happy meaningful life book, you will find over 100 uses of Reiki you can apply on a daily basis.

Do you feel like working on relationships? Just open “Reiki your relationships” chapter and choose one of many ways of how you can do it. Do you feel like working on attracting more money and manifesting abundance? – Just open the corresponding chapters and go for it.

I wrote this book for Reiki practitioners and non-practitioners in order to show you that everything is possible. We all want to grow, manifest, and to simply have the best life ever. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not, and then we don’t know what to do. This book is your daily guide on what you CAN do and HOW you can do it. Reiki will always help you. It always does.


In 100+ Reiki daily uses for a happy meaningful life book you will find chapters on how to:

    • Improve your health

    • Better your relationships

    • Attract money and increase your abundance

    • Heal and balance your emotions

    • Attract, Create and Manifest with Reiki

    • Heal your loved ones

    • Cleanse and protect your house

    • Deepen your spiritual practice

    • Uplift and manage your energy

    • Cleanse and protect yourself

    • Develop your gifts and abilities

    • Change the world for the best… and much much more…

I hope you will find it very practical and useful to apply and will start witnessing Divine Reiki miracles in your daily life!


With much love and many Reiki blessings,


Maria Sidorova

Spiritual Counselor, Psychic, and Healer


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