Conscious Emotions vs. Emotional Mafia

Emotions encompass our physical, mental, and spiritual existence. Think of these feelings as a wave of energy that flows through your body, communicating a specific outcome each time. We are beings built to experience an entire spectrum of emotions, ranging from anger and fear to joy and happiness.

These feelings help you to understand who you are while providing opportunities to communicate and connect with other people in your life.

Some emotions help you to understand when it is necessary to flee from danger. Others tell you that it is time to stand up for what you believe or to offer a hug.

Conscious Emotions vs. Emotional Mafia takes you through 44 feelings, described in detail, to further your understanding of these energy waves. It is part of my Elevate Your Emotions series, but it shifts the focus from healing to knowledge.

Not understanding your emotions can lead to unexpected outcomes. If you suppress challenging feelings, then it can heighten your agitation. Blocking or attempting to control something that you must biologically feel can cause some people to turn to unhealthy choices.

If you have chosen not to feel your emotions for some time, then my book is a positive step forward. The longest journey doesn’t start with the first step. It happens when a decision is made to start exploring.

You will gain a deeper understanding of who you are and why you feel a certain way after Conscious Emotions vs. Emotional Mafia. Add it to your essential reading list today to start knowing what your body and spirit are trying to say to you.


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