Elevate Your Emotions Book

Elevate Your Emotions

Do you want to have clear, specific, and simple steps on how to manifest the life of your dreams?

I hope the answer is, “Yes!” If so, here it is for you: clear, specific, and simple.

Working with my clients for over a decade, I realized that

The steps to success and spotless manifestation should be:

Crystal Clear — you know what you are asking and why;

Specific —a short phrase or a sentence (for example, process this emotion, do this, contemplate on that);

Simple— easy to follow with a specific list of things to do.

Elevate Your Emotions book, and the 44 card deck includes clear and specific guidance on how to heal, balance, and uplift your emotions. Know which simple steps to take to manifest faster and to thrive in life.

Sometimes what blocks you is an unprocessed emotion you carry consciously or subconsciously, and these emotions are sabotaging you your progress. You might be aware or unaware of it. Here is a clue for you: if you do everything you can and are not achieving the results you desire, there is an underlying emotion blocking your success.

To set you free, use Elevate Your Emotions book and its deck of cards. In the book and on the cards, you will find emotions you need to process, explanations of these emotions, and easy steps to take to heal and balance them to set you free. Once done, it will open the gates to successful manifestation and the life of your dreams.


How to use Elevate Your Emotions:

1. Find the emotion you are attracted to the most or the one you want to heal and balance. Trust your natural choice. What are you resonating with at the moment? What energy speaks to you the most? Be authentic.
You might want to attract more joy into your life. If you are in a state of fear, start from what is happening at the moment, from where you are. You might have heard excellent spiritual teaching: “Start from where you are, not where you want to be.”

2. Open the book and find the emotion you want to heal or cultivate.

3. Read the description very slow and be open for a transformation. Spend a few minutes and read consciously. The slower you read and the more open you are, the easier it for your Divine to shift your energy while reading. Open yourself, connect to the message and energy of the emotion, and be ready for a transformation.

It’s a profound experience. Help yourself to heal, balance, and uplift the energy through the simple act of reading. If you are emotional, read it, then reread it. Take a few minutes, pause, and return to reread the card. This time is even more open and read it even slower.

4. Meditate and contemplate on it. After reading, do a short meditation, helping the energy to go deeper. Merge with the energy of emotion and with the truth of the message it has for you.

5. Practice; take action. Spirituality is practical; knowing spiritual truths is excellent. Real spirituality is about living those truths. Do you want to see great results? Take action.

6. Track your progress. What motivates you most is seeing the growth and results of your efforts. Journal and track your progress.

7. Celebrate success. Be loving, kind, and gentle to yourself. Celebrate your victory. A vast shift consists of small achievements. Congratulate yourself and celebrate your success.


How to use the Elevate Your Emotions deck of cards:

It’s simple, fun, and useful. Here is how to use Elevate cards:

1. Choose the corresponding deck. For example, if you are emotional and want to heal and balance your emotions, use the Elevate Your Emotions deck of cards. If you confused about what to do, use the Elevate Your Actions deck. If you want to take care of your spiritual growth and transformation, learning and growing from a Higher Self perspective, use the Elevate Your Spirit deck of cards.

2. Pull out the card.

3. Follow the guidance of the card.

4. You can put these decks together. You might wish to ask your Divine to choose the best card for you. Put the decks together into one massive deck of cards, shuffle the cards, and pick one card.

Reading cards for yourself is a beautiful way to get guidance and clarity. You might perceive the problem is being emotional, while it can be spiritual, for example, or vice versa. Or you might want to take action, and there might be unprocessed emotion hiding behind the scene that needs to heal first.

I found that this way is the best. Give it to the hands of your Divine, ask the question, pull out the card, and follow the clear and specific guidance. I hope you will love these decks and enjoy them for their concrete and easy to follow advice and guidance.