Elevate Your Emotions with Essential Oils

Elevate Your Emotions with Essential Oils book

Essential Oils to Elevate Your Emotions is an essential oils guide for emotional healing and higher wellness in life.

Using essential oils on a daily basis brings with it a host of amazing benefits that are exciting and promising; this includes the creation of a positive emotional state and fostering deep spiritual awareness.

The You might be interested to know that essential oils can help you to:

    • Heal and balance your emotions

    • Calm and relax your mind

    • Energize you

    • Uplift your spirit

    • Enhance your spiritual practice

In Elevate Your Emotions with Essential Oils, you will find out:

    • What essential oils are

    • Why and how to use them to elevate your emotions

    • How to choose essential oils

    • Which essential oils to use to balance chakras

    • Usage of essential oils in reflexology, massage, and variety of healing practices

    • Effects you might except by using oils

    • Essential oil dictionary to elevate your emotions

Wishing all your inner-states to be balanced, supporting you on your spiritual journey.


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