We’ve come a long way together!

I’m 15 years into my professional journey as a spiritual counselor, teacher and author. My spirit team has helped me along the way to serve you better. I have been guided to use powerful healing modalities to assist you on your spiritual path, transformation, and manifestation. I have genuinely enjoyed applying them and seeing great results.

In the oneness consciousness, nothing is stagnant. One has to learn new, sometimes polarized ways of bringing them to peace and balance within oneself. This is when the concept of oneness becomes a reality and truth is lived and experienced daily.

On the journey of oneness – love, kindness, and goodness – one can’t stick to concepts, as it results in stagnation. In order to spiritually expand and serve you better, I have to stay flexible and open for new. This is the reason why the services I offer change. It is not because the old ones are not good enough; it instead helps me to stay detached and progress on my spiritual journey.

With my deepest gratitude, I want to mention those practices and modalities that I offered to you for years. I love them; they became a part of me and will always be with me. Most of them I still use and apply during my professional work; the only difference is that it’s not a full session devoted to a specific practice, but a short time-period where we use a particular modality to achieve the desired outcome.

With this post, I want to acknowledge these beautiful practices and anchor the energy of thankfulness to them.

Healing modalities I used for years, in alphabetical order:

  • Angel Healing
  • Archangels and Ascended Masters Attunements
  • Entura Art Soul Portraits
  • Golden Orb Deeksha Blessing
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Meditation
  • Oneness Health Workshop & Oneness Wealth Workshop
  • Past Life Regression
  • Planetary Energy Washes & Planets Reiki
  • Reiki Classes & Variety of Reiki Styles
  • Spiritual Arts: Spirit Painting & Spirit Painting Workshop
  • The Seraph’s Love and Faith Workshop & The Birth of the New Avalon Workshop

Thanks for being a part of my spiritual journey and evolution.

With all my love,

Maria Sidorova

Expansion vs. Stagnation