Videiya Ra’s Quote-Book

I am so blessed to share with you the pearls of wisdom I got from my Divine.

Many times during the classes I teach or sessions I hold, I channel messages for the highest and best of my students and clients.

I put most of these messages together in Videiya Ra’s Quote-Book, so you have access to them as well.

You may use this book for self-discovery and self-healing:

• Read the quote;

• Watch your inner-response;

• Identify where you are vibrationally: what makes you happy and inspired, what motivates you, what evokes unpleasant emotions.


This Quote-Book will work as catalysis.

You may use the quotes as affirmations to help you to stay positive, loving, and open-minded and to inspire you on your spiritual journey.

There are quotes on the following topics: Love quotes, Health quotes, Wealth quotes, Manifestation quotes, Inspiration quotes, Impeccable Divine Worrier quotes, Reiki quotes, Spiritual quotes, Humor quotes. There are channeled Messages from your Spirit Team and Messages from the other side.


Welcome to read Videiya Ra’s Quote-Book and share your impressions and comments bellow.