The World Tarot card meaning

Meaning of Tarot card The World.

The World card – the pivotal point of your life journey!

Reading Tarot Cards and teaching Tarot Reading classes is always a big pleasure to me. In this blog post I would love to give you a meaning of one of the Tarot cards – The World.

If you interested […]

Mind videos: Meditations

Соединяясь с энергиями сердца

Растворяясь в Безусловной Любви, часть 1

Растворяясь в Безусловной Любви, часть 2

Я – Богиня!

Медитация на заземление

(Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman, Carol Cavalaris, Josephine Wall)

Spirit Videos: Intuition

Заземление: что это такое, кому и зачем оно нужно

Медитация на заземление

Как развить интуицию, часть 1

Как развить интуицию, часть 2

Golden Orb Deeksha Blessing


Awakens creative potentials, abilities and intelligence!
Increases ability to learn!
Resolves inner conflict leading to inner peace and harmony!
Brings love to relationships!
Heals emotional hurts and reduces thought burden!
Evokes affection, friendship and a sense of connectedness with the other!
Awakens compassion!
Infuses vitality!
Heals the body by healing the mind!
Relaxes the body and relieves stress!
Helps […]

Why to raise your vibration?

Why to raise your vibration?

Why to raise your vibration – this is a very common question I get a lot during Spiritual Counseling and Intuitive Guidance sessions as well as Angel Readings and Tarot Cards Readings. What’s the use of raising your vibration and how one can benefit from it?

Ok, let me explain […]