Why to raise your vibration

Why to raise your vibration?

Why to raise your vibration – this is a very common question I get a lot during Spiritual Counseling and Intuitive Guidance sessions as well as Angel Readings and Tarot Cards Readings. What’s the use of raising your vibration and how one can benefit from it?

Ok, let me explain to you how it works and why it’s so crucial to be aware of it and how raising your vibration can change your life.

There are a few reasons of why to raise your vibration:

1. The more energy – the better!

You can imagine a spiral of your personal growth and spiritual development. Looking down to the spiral, you will see circles. Each circle represents your energy and vibration.

For instance, you are an A circle; please look at the picture “Levels of vibration: circles.”
The easiest way to understand what it means, simply asking yourself a question: “If I have as much money as in circle A, how much I would be able to invest and what will be my profit?”

Then it makes it evident that the more you have, the more you will be able to get from it! Now let’s apply it to our lives. The more energy you have, the more you can invest in your health, relationship, career, and so on.

Why to raise your vibrationYou would not be as much affected by little things, as you can resist it better. Please look at “Perceiving a problem” picture. Did you notice that sometimes just a small thing can affect you so much or even completely ruin your day? Somebody said something, or even just looked at you, or it was a minor argument, and you just blew up…? All these signs represent that you haven’t had much energy to support you in the case of “turbulence” during a rough day.

Again, a very simple quest, the more I have, the more I can use and rely on. Let’s make it very practical, think about it, the more energy you have, the more you can invest anywhere you choose to!

2. Quantity of the energy is the key!

But it’s not just that! It not only the amount of energy you are getting by raising your vibration but the quality! And with quality, you can genuinely experience miracles in your life!

Did you notice, when the person is angry or stressed they even look denser in a way, heavier and when someone is in love, having fun, laughing they look lighter? Each emotion has a vibrational pattern, density, and weight.

The higher our vibration – the more natural we make better/higher vibrational choices.

How many times you wanted to do something, but could not? How many times you promised yourself you would start going to the gym or to eat healthier or to react more lovingly. When knowing that it’s right for us, we not able to make it? Simply, because all these beautiful choices belong to a higher vibration! So the more you raise your vibration, the more natural it is for you to make those choices. There is a lot of ease and no forcing yourself.

Imagine how wonderful it will be to be more patient and loving with your kids, having more fun with your family, resist stress better, be more productive at work.

These are things, which are getting very natural at the higher vibrational levels.

3. Anchoring yourself at the higher vibrational level!

Why to raise your vibration

We all have a landing level – an average level of our vibration. If you were to put all your
reactions and energy together, you would get your average level of vibration.

Some people live at the level of fear or anger or acceptance of love. It doesn’t mean that if you are on the level of fear you cannot love or if you are the level of acceptance you will never experience anger, but it means that the prime energy of that level will color your whole life experience. This is like looking to the world through different color glasses: pink, gray, black.

Let me give you some examples, for instance, if someone’s primer level is a level of fear, they will experience love, but more like: “If you leave me, I will die! Or I will do something to myself!” they couldn’t imagine living without the other person, because they are afraid.

The person whose landing level is anger would love as well, but all their love experience would be affected by anger. In this case, they would say: “If you leave me, I will kill you!”

The ones who vibrate on the level of love would say: “Your action is irrelevant, my love is unconditional!” It doesn’t mean, they are going to be ok with abuse or approving of it. They might stay, they might leave, but this is just an external action, internally there is so much love, that it becomes causeless or unconditional.

P.S. On the picture are just a few levels out of many more to give you an idea.

So, on a spiritual path, our job is:

  • Raise our vibration to get more energy to do things and to have fun and enjoy life!
  • To be self-aware – to focus on the quality of our vibration, becoming very conscious and self-observant of our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions!
  • To keep working on raising our vibration to land in a higher vibrational level and to make higher vibrational choices for the wellbeing of all!

There is so much more to add to why to raise your vibration is so important! But at this Blog post, I want to keep it simple and practical. If you like this post and think it might be useful to raise your vibration, please continue reading the partnership article “How to raise vibration” – where I share practical tools of how to do it.

If you need professional help and guidance in raising your vibration, please book a Spiritual Counseling or an Intuitive Guidance session with me. I will ask your Spirit Guides to tell us what you can do and how you can do it to elevate your spirit and to raise your vibration!

written with love by Maria Sidorova

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