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About your body, I find Kombucha is a very rich natural source of keeping your body healthy. I hope you enjoy reading this small post!

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented probiotic drink. It is made of tea, a scoby and a starter from a previous batch. With very little caffeine or sugar (if any depending on the brand) found in the final product. This is created by the sugar and caffeine being absorbed in the fermentation process. Over 5-21 days, Kombucha is brewed (or fermented). This produces a naturally carbonated tea giving it a fizzy taste when you drink it.

Research has shown Kombucha has contributed to some amazing health benefits supporting many ailments.

Let’s delve deeper into this topic!

A few tips:

  • It is important to keep Kombucha in a glass jar
  • Cover it with a cotton cloth allowing it to “breathe”, so it will maintain access to air
  • Do not allow direct sun light; just keep it in the shade.

Optimal temperature is suggested at around 25C, below 18C – is not suitable for Kombucha.

Having looked into the product and read researched attributes to health, here are some suggested health benefits that have been reported: Kombucha is an all-natural health beverage full of probiotics and other healthy amino acids. Before you start to use Kombucha, please make sure you have been assisted by a qualified health practitioner to see if this product will support your current ailment.

Here are some of the researched and reported health benefits of Kombucha:

  • Reduction in blood pressure.
  • Supportive of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by boosting your energy system.
  • Prevention of Cancer cells.
  • Your digestive system and allowing a steady flow of movement in this area.
  • Alleviates constipation by supporting your bowls.
  • Increases your metabolism system – giving you a kick-start in the morning.
  • Eliminates toxins from the liver – by lifting your mood feeling happier and clear.
  • Supports the pH balance internally by producing Alkaline in the body – a healthy probiotic.
  • Cleans the Kidneys in prevention of kidney stones.
  • Reduces tension within the endocrine system, supporting migraines and headaches.
  • Higher level of antioxidants, which help to destroy free radicals within the blood system.
  • Improvement on eye site.
  • High levels of polyphenols.
  • Assists with removing yeast infections and clearing of candida.
  • Promotes healthy hair follicles to reduce the hair from turning gray.
  • Reduces and lowers your glucose levels.
  • Ulcers internally and externally once topically applied (please consult a doctor first).
  • A preventative measure for arteriosclerosis.
  • Applied topically to soften the skin, can reduce eczema (please consult a doctor first).
  • Aids restoring your cells and creating healthy ones.

Interesting tips:

1. Did you know that you could use not only black but also green and white tea? There are even more vitamins and coffee in green tea vs., black tea, so it tones better and has a higher effect on your vessels.

2. You can try to use tea with herbs! Such as mint, melissa, bergamot, lavender…. It’s not only delicious but also contains extraordinary healing qualities of the herbs you will choose to add. If you look at the picture I posted, my Kombucha has a very unusual color – beautiful ruby color; it’s because I used hibiscus in it.

3. I have heard that you can even use coffee to make Kombucha! I haven’t tried it yet, but I will, and then I will let you know how it tastes and how to make it. 🙂

My personal creative recipe:

I love to experiment, and here is just one of the recipes I tried. Everybody loves it, so I’m happy to share it with you! 🙂

1. Use half of the usual dose of organic green tea

2. Add dry lemon peel and half of the dose of hibiscus.

3. You can also try this recipe adding mint.

To help you further recommend you contact a qualified Naturopath that will give you directions on how to make Kombucha tea. Before you start using Kombucha tea, it is highly recommended to speak with a health practitioner, the information provided is in my own words and experience of the product.

written with love by Maria Sidorova

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