effects of using essential oilsNow you can measure the effects of using Essential Oils!

Hello brilliant one,

I recently conducted a few experiments during many of the Spiritual Counseling sessions and Classes I offer, such as: Reiki, Meditations, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Angel and Tarot Readings and others. I measured the effects of using Essential Oils and was astonished by the results. Now you can measure it yourself, all you need is the doTerra Essential Oils and a set of dowsing rods, how cool is that!


1. I measured the aura size of my client. I stood very far away, about three meters or 10 feet. I am holding my dowsing rods, with one in each hand by the small part of the “L” so that the long part is parallel with the ground and so they can swing freely from side to side. It is important to be relaxed and detached from the result.

Then very, very slowly and carefully without any little extra movement, I stepped closer to my client, making sure my dowsing rods were not moving.

Once the “L” shape starts to open, this is where the aura is.

The average size of a healthy aura is about an arm’s length around the body. Usually, after a day of work and stress the size of the aura was smaller than average, around half a meter or 1.5 feet.

2. Then I have intuitively had chosen an Essential Oil or Essential Oil blend, which I was guided to use with a particular client.

With their permission, I placed a drop of this chosen oil into their palm. I asked them to gently rub their palms to “ open it up “ and to take a few deep inhalations and exhalations, allowing the aroma to infuse their energy system.

After about a minute of breathing, I asked them to rub their neck and shoulders or any other parts of their body to allow the rest of the oil to infuse those parts as well.

3. I repeated step 1 of the experiment, slowly started to move closer. All of my clients showed a huge aura size difference. My average results were from 2-3 meters. Sometimes I would not even move, standing about 3m/10feet away; the rods would open and indicate that the size of the aura is about this big.

We didn’t measure for how long this result would stay, as the session usually lasts for 1 hour I would say, it depends on the person and their reaction on further events of the day.

I usually do not need to use any tools to see and feel the instant shift that happens after applying doTerra Oils or to measure the effects of using essential oils. But anyway it was an entertaining and exciting exercise for my clients to see for themselves.

A few times, we repeated this experiment with me, and I explained the whole process and taught my clients to use dowsing rods, so they could measure my aura before and after applying oils.

Why it works?

Essential oils are gifts of nature; they have profound healing effects on all the levels so our being; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Why our aura is affected?

Our aura is a representation of our emotions and feeling. When we feel upset because we think or perceive something that has upset us, our energy is reacting, it shrinks and weakens, when we feel uplifted, joyful, and have positive thoughts our energy increases by getting bigger and stronger.

Applying appropriate essential oils, especially carefully chosen for a specific reaction and situation, will shift our subtle bodies and dowsing rods show it to us.

If you want to strengthen and anchor the results deeper, I would suggest the use of the affirmations along with applying oils.

The other tip is to notice the results before and after, asking yourself, how do I feel now? What is the difference? And noticing every little change, every subtle shift. It is a significant step to have the best results to be motivated to continue to work and to develop your intuition. As every time you do this experiment, you are not only doing it to have great results but stretching up and enhancing your intuition to become more and more aware of the energy in and around our body.

I want to clarify that this is my own experience, not scientific research. It is dependent on what oils you are going to use for the experiment. I am not only speaking about the brand but also the oils themselves, as we are all unique and different. At any given time and space, we might react differently to different oils.

I invite you to investigate and play with it yourself; spirituality is fun!

Many loving blessings,

Maria Sidorova

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