Meaning of Tarot card The WorldMeaning of Tarot card The World.

The World card – the pivotal point of your life journey!

Reading Tarot Cards and teaching Tarot Reading classes is always a big pleasure to me. In this blog post I would love to give you a meaning of one of the Tarot cards – The World.

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Short meaning of Tarot card The World:

Completion of one cycle, the beginning of a new cycle at a very high level, awakening, enlightenment, achievement of success and prosperity at all levels (material, sincere, spiritual), finding of the highest knowledge, harmony with the world, the world belongs to you!…

Detailed meaning of Tarot card The World:

Each Major Arcana card is an initiation. It is impossible to understand Tarot Major Arcana cards through your mind, it is only possible to experience them. Especially as it belongs to the 21st Major Arcana card – “The WORLD” in the meaning of “The Universe” from now on called “The World.” It occurs because we learn, grow, and develop in the form of a spiral. Beginning one-circle, living, and perfecting skills, we go through certain experiences, we integrate them into ourselves mastering them, and only then we move further.

The WORLD card is the last in Major Arcana. Therefore, the end of one circle, or rather closing one door and staying in emptiness before another entry will be open for us. But it is not being frozen or hanged. It is an active state; we stay in the state of emptiness and in the movement at the same time.

 Meaning of Tarot card The WorldHere we are in active expectation of opening of the other door which will bring us to a much higher level of spiritual development and growth, and everything will be started over again, but on a much higher level. We will have to become “The Fool,” a zero or the 22nd Arcana card again. We will have to trust our Divine and to step into the abyss to be initiated, to refuse the old for the sake of higher knowledge and higher truth on the much higher level.

The WORLD card has a double meaning. As well as The FOOL card, is a point on a circle, it is both at the same time, the beginning and the end, it is both division and connection. The WORLD card includes all other cards of Major and Minor Arcana.

Understanding The World Tarot card through real-life examples

For the reason that the meaning of Tarot card The WORLD – is the most unclear, unknown and therefore freely interpreted card for most people I want to give you some examples of how you can identify The World card in your life.

For the one, who is not on a Spiritual path or did not live through and having experienced other Arcana’s, The WORLD could seem empty and uninteresting, as thought; everything is already made and ended …

But it’s not quite right. Let me give you a real-life example so that you can get the meaning of The World card. Imagine you have been working on a project at work for about a year or even longer. You were trying your best to put things together, to co-operate with others and bring people together, to search, analyze, and learn.

Every single day you invested your full attention and time, your best effort into this project. And now it’s finally done! Clients are happy, everybody is happy, you were rewarded, and your efforts were encouraged, and you are celebrating now.

The World card is that celebration party! Everybody is happy, you have fun, you laugh at some things that seem very hard to you at times, and you feel a sense of relief and accomplishment. You enjoy the moment of celebration!

On the one hand, the project is done, and the new has not appeared yet. You don’t know what will be your new project and when it will be offered to you. But on the other hand, you’ve learned and grown professionally and personally, you went through different experiences and became a better professional, so now you will be able to offer and contribute even more to the next project.

You are celebrating now your success! You complete a significant step, and it’s great, but at the same time, you don’t know what will be tomorrow. The new project is not offered to you yet. So it’s both for you, a pivotal point of celebration and completion, and at the same time, it’s unknown and preparation for something new.

Another good example would be graduation from university. You’ve studied for many years, and sometimes it was not easy, at times it was very hard, but you did your best, and now you are graduating!

The university life is over now, and you don’t have your first job yet, but you complete a significant step – you have graduated from university, and you open in trust that the whole world is yours! You have all the tools and skills to find a great job!

Although you cannot get back into your fun student life as it’s over, the cycle of being a student is completed now, but the new period is about to arise, a cycle of you being a professional – bringing tools and skills that you’ve learned at the university and applying them to you, realizing and expressing yourself as a professional.

Going deeper into the Spiritual meaning of Tarot card The World

For a third part of the population of the planet The WORLD card is precisely the one, which brings a sense of the embodiment, and in the next years, I would say, 30-50 (depending on the optimist of the forecast) this card will become and represent the meaning of life for about 70% of the population.

Amma Bhagavan teaches us that the spiritual way begins with awakening. That it is only wanderings in the dark until awakening.

I would distinguish, at least, three cycles (spiral turns), or 3 levels of The WORLD card:

1st circle

Is when the person becomes interested in spirituality and steps firmly on a spiritual path. Owing to these or those circumstances or internal requirements, they begin to open to the higher truth. They pass full circle, all Arcana’s lives the similar experiences and finishing this circle with The WORLD card – the TRUE AWAKENING with which the true spiritual growth and progress begin.

Spiritual awakening is not just a beautiful term; this is a physical change happening in your brain. When one is awakened, they react to the same experiences differently. A measurement in laboratory conditions, instead of the occipital part of the brain reacts frontal and parietal regions of the brain, etc. (you can read about it in the corresponding scientific works).

The person does not choose how and what to do “right” or “wrong,” they act as they feel. They don’t think this way; they live this way, sometimes without knowing why. Awakening is a goal and sometimes even an obsession of the seeker of the first circle; it is the purpose of their life.

And with these changes also happening at the physical level,

the 2nd circle

– Of a spiral turn begins. And if awakening was the purpose of the first cycle, the purpose of the second cycle is enlightenment. What is the difference? If we take a scale of awakening from 0 to 100, then awakening can also begin without continuation of spiritual work on yourself, to be fixed on any of the initial marks, for example, 2 or 5 or even 20, but an enlightenment on a scale of experiences would be somewhere from about 70 to 100, for example, Jesus and Buddha were at the level of a 100.

The purpose of the second circle – to come to the level of a 100 and to live reality as these great spiritual masters did. On the second circle, there is a great purpose – enlightenment, not obsession by it, but improvement and profound, joyful experience of every moment since everything follows to enlightenment, as it is planned by the Creator and is inevitable.

* From now on we speak about vast spiral cycles and respectively big or true circles. But there are also smaller circles of which big consist. For example, the small circle of the 2nd circle will be, from a state of awakening up to God Realization’s – a value of 50 on an awakening scale and up to the Enlightenment state, which is 70 on a scale. The next small circle can be from value 50 or 70, and from 70 to a 100.

The Universe always extends and develops therefore both Buddha and Jesus as they were thousands of years ago were not those significant entities which they are now, they grow too, and their level of consciousness grows as well.

What stands behind the second circle, know the very few, we do not have the sense to argue on this subject as we are not there. Also, as about the 2nd circle, the person of the first circle cannot argue since he or she still is not it, and all their reasoning – no more, than idle talk and assumptions.

If you are interested in criteria of spiritual growth and advancement, they are:

1. Harmony with yourself (naturalness and spontaneity, the past does not operate you);

2. How much closer you became to your friends and family;

3. How much you changed and what is your perception and connection to God and life in general.

Our perception and connection with God

On a zero cycle before we stood on a spiritual path, and followed a spiritual way, we behave with God as adults, we swear, we demand, we prove, we try to make everything by ourselves.

On the first circle we realize the futility of own efforts, and we begin to communicate, ask God. Then another reality begins to open to us where we become a child, and we enter the finest and joyful condition of helplessness. We feel like a child, and God – the loving and careful parent. When we need something, we do not fight the wall anymore, we ask, and a miracle occurs, and we receive it!

On the third circle our connection with Divine is so strong that we become a baby, we don’t have to ask, Divine itself cares for us. These experiences often were lived by Saint People, for example, when they were hungry, food and drink materialized before them.

The purpose of the first circle is a way from division into unity with yourself.

The purpose of the second circle is from unity within the self – to unity with plants and animals – to unity with other people – to unity with the planet – to unity with God.

We often hear from Saints and the enlightened beings that the meaning and purpose of life – in living life. This is a teaching of the second circle. For those who are either on one circle or a zero cycle, it is absurd, since it is associated with doing nothing.

Having passed The WORLD card of the first circle – initiation, and stepping to the true spiritual way, on a round of the second circle this statement gets a real sense – the creation of every moment of your reality. We can feel and live consciously every moment, each breath as magic, every moment is alive, as the birth and creation of our reality, as…. As Sat-Chit-Ananda – Existence – Consciousness – Bliss.

Thus, The WORLD card is the culmination of spiritual growth and development; it is the highest integration, connection with Divinity, mastering the skill of living and breathing emptiness before with the leap of faith we take the step into uncertain, into abyss…. again…. and again….

Meaning of Tarot card The World from the picture:

You can also get the meaning of a Tarot card The World by simply looking at it. We see the nude woman; she has nothing to hide; she is herself and lives her reality! She is young and mature at the same time; she is an embodiment of life force energy – the energy of creation, a pacification and strength of the great Goddess. There is a “magic wand” – scepter of manifestation – in each of her hands. She passed through all Arcana’s, including great transformation and even death, and rose enlightened.

A wreath around her – is a symbol of her internal victories and achievements. Four animals on each side of the card – are ancient symbols of spiritual enlightenment. She is in harmony with herself and with the world. She efficiently and joyfully creates her reality, and all existence supports her! She is out of estimates and judgments. Divine harmony and balance are embodied in her; all existence appears in her. She is a great emptiness and fullness at the same time. She is in life! She is God!

Deep spiritual meaning of Tarot card The World brings amazing teachings to us. That nothing is eternal; everything changes develop, improves. And everything will be started over again, on a new cycle of life, death and development and growth.

Lessons of The World card

On a spiritual path, there is always room for growth. No matter how advanced you are, you can always elevate your energy and perception. In the previous few paragraphs, we spoke about the cycles of our evolution. We saw that even the greatest enlightened beings and masters are still evolving and expanding along with the whole world in the meaning of the universe.

Every Tarot card is a lesson. During Tarot Reading classes I always point it out to my students. Each card is not there to say: “It’s all destined, sit and do nothing, and it will be fine!” No, my beloveds, it’s not how it works.

Can you imagine a sportsman who is under training for the Olympics? Do you think they will ask something like: “What do you think, will I win the Olympics? Tell me if it’s destined then I should not try so hard, as it will become as it is destined to be. And if I don’t suppose to win, I should just quit as there is no point for me to work so hard and even try…”

It sounds ridiculous; I cannot even imagine that conversation with a sportsman. What I can imagine is that they will do their best, every day, every minute. They would give it their all. It’s always about 100%, not less. I believe that all of them give their best and only then if one of them is supposed to win, he or she will win. Giving all that you can is a pre-requirement for winning.

I invite you to take it as an action plan. Ask yourself: Do I want it? And if so, do I do my best to get it? If you do your best – then give the rest to the hands of your Divine and relax.

The World Tarot card represents many wonderful lessons to help you to grow and to move forward. It’s about setting you free form being stuck into complete freedom!

Here are a few lessons of The World Tarot card:

    • Celebrate!

Usually we get stuck at the Judgment Tarot card, and although the spiritual transformation is over, we still hold on to the past and it might take some time for us to embody that transformed spirit – to live it in our daily lives.

Ask yourself: Do I celebrate? What can I celebrate? Am I happy? What is in my past I can be happy about? What I’m under evaluating? What can I be proud of?

    • Be grateful! Acknowledge!

At this point, you went through a huge transformation, remember, The World card is a combination of all of the other cards and all of the lessons they teach us as well as all of the experiences we went through to get to The World card.

Sometimes it was hard, that is why it’s a lesson for us – we need to be grateful even for challenges.

Tell yourself: It is fantastic! What a journey! Wow! Then express your most profound gratitude to the Divine. Keep expressing the appreciation of a daily basis.

Remember, the happiest people are the most grateful people.

    • Be ready to finish and say goodbye!

Ask yourself: Are there things I am still holding on? Is it hard for me to let go of…(emotion, experience, concept…)?

If so, pray and ask for Divine support, meditate, do spiritual practices of letting go. If you need professional help, take a healing session from a Spiritual Counselor and learn the ways of how you can finally leave your past behind.

It’s a significant step, as you will be stuck at this point. To move forward, on the new cycle and becoming a Fool, you need to let go completely. You need to close the door to your past, celebrate, be grateful, and only then the new door will be opened for you.

    • Are you ready to move forward?

For many reasons, sometimes it’s not that easy for us to move forward. Maybe it’s too good to be here and celebrate. Maybe you feel you are not ready to move forward yet and still holding on to the present.

The baby has to be born. No one can escape that miraculous moment of being born. Your job is to be ready: be happy, grateful, prepared for the new, and trusting!

Ask yourself: Do I trust my Higher Divine Self and Angels? Do I see the bigger picture? Do I trust that it’s all for the best? Do I trust that my life is and will be getting better and better? Am I ready to get to an even better place? Am I ready to move on?

    • Be aligned with the world internally and externally!

Ask yourself: Do I feel I am exactly where I need to be? Am I at peace within and without? Bring clarity to those aspects of you where you are not feeling united with yourself and with the world. Do I feel a sense of freedom? Do I want to fly, dance and joyfully more forward? Am I ready to be born? Reborn? Move on?

The World card has many more lessons. Here are a few most common ones to help you to learn and grow, using this card for your development and growth.

If I have to put all lessons of The World card together, I would say that the biggest lesson of this card is to accumulate all the knowledge, reconnect with your Divine, become one with the Source and then get back to the game – starting again as a Fool, but this time as an Awakened Master Fool!

The World card Q&A

Does The World card represent death?

No, The World Tarot card has nothing to do with death! The World card in the meaning of the Universe is about putting it all together, connecting to the Source, and then bringing that connection to the world again, moving from a Fool to the Awakened Fool.

Take The World card as graduation. For example, you don’t have to die after university graduation to apply for a job.

Also, there might be huge, small, and tiny circles. For example, a little circle can be about your job. Maybe it’s time for you to move forward and open your business, which will be represented as a Fool card. But to open your business, before your business is born, you have to be “pregnant” with that – think it through, put it all together, prepare… and of course, believe it and celebrate it! Same with spiritual growth, you are ready for more significant tasks and more advanced practices and The World card is there to point it out to you.

How do I apply The World card lesions for my life?

You are very welcome to ask yourself the questions I gave you in the “Lessons of The World card” chapter. See where you are, what are the areas of your life where you are holding on to the past, or you don’t feel grateful. And so on; this is a beautiful test for your self – a test of The World Tarot card.

If you feel like dwelling deeper and learning how to apply the lessons of the Tarot cards for yourself to get from stuck to free, I invite you to take Tarot Classes with me. I will be happy to show you many wonderful practical ways of reading Tarot Cards and using their wisdom and guidance daily.

Can I get stuck at The World card?

That is an interesting question. Some people think that if it’s so good to embody The World card, someone might want to stay there forever: celebrating and dancing, unconditional freedom and unity with the Universe.

The answer is, you can get “stuck” with every card and the lessons of that card. The exciting thing is that it is exactly what the card is teaching you about. As soon as you got the teachings of the card, The World card in our case, you are ready to move forward!

This is a beautiful test in a way. If you feel like either resisting The World card lessons or wanting to stay there forever, celebrating and having fun – both of these “opposites” are two sides of the same coin, they indicate the same thing – you haven’t learned the lessons of the card. You are still connecting with it, digging deeper and learning; you are still mastering the card. You are not ready to pass an exam of The World card yet.

As soon as you feel ready, you pass the exams, and it sets you free. You will want to move on, and nothing will be able to stop you!

What are your relationships with The World card?

For me, The World card is most mysterious, inspirational, and challenging at the same time. This card does not come very often during the readings. I would say, based on my professional experience, this is one of the rarest cards I see in the readings.

I believe the reason is that this is an all-encompassing card, and one has to go through the whole spectrum of experiences to land there and to get his card in spiritual reading.

It’s also interesting, how many people, even Tarot teachers, would say a lot about other Major Arcana cards, but not The World card. I felt I want to start writing about Tarot cards beginning with this particular card.

It is still unfolding for me with every reading that I do for myself and others. It is teaching and guiding me over and over again and allowing me to change my perception and relationship with it almost every time I see it in the readings.

This card is the most complex one as it has so many layers. But at the same time, I feel this card is one of the most beneficial and loving ones, as it’s lovingly showing you the way to the bigger picture, to the highest and best life you can live! It’s like a bird parent, gently pushing you to set yourself free and to fly!

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May you be blessed with all of what your Divine blessing you with,

Maria Sidorova

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