Sexuality is your portal to the desired outcome!

There is power in these cards – power that will lead you forward if you allow it to do so. Be sure that you are ready for transformation, which can happen at any moment when you are healing. Read on to learn how to use this card.

How to use the card’s guidance:

1. Contemplate the images. If you feel any discomfort or irritation, the emotion is out of balance. You do not need to like the image, but it should not cause you discomfort.

2. Do a color healing. There are colors on each card, and if you look at them, you can let them heal you. If the sensation is positive, stay with it. If the sensation is uncomfortable, there is likely an imbalance. Find the corresponding chakra in Chapter 2, Chakras to Elevate your Emotions booklet, follow the healing, and balance the energy of this chakra.

3. Accept an energy healing. The energy of Angels charges all the cards. Merely spending some time with the card will help you heal.

4. Follow the guidance of the card. Read the description very slowly and stay open to transformation. The slower you read and the more open you are, the easier it is for your Divine to shift your energy. If you are emotional, read the card slowly, wait a few minutes, and reread it even more slowly.


1. Affirmations:

• My Sexuality is sacred.
• I allow myself to be in touch with my Sexuality and express it in the most joyful, loving, and sacred ways.
• I love my body. I am in touch with my Sexuality.

2. Pray to Angels: Dear Angels, please help me to heal and balance my Sexual divine energy. Please help me to experience the sacredness and divine nature of it so that I can express it in the most beautiful, harmonious, and loving way. Thank you.

3. Crystals: to increase: ruby, carnelian, red jasper, garnet, rose quartz. To decrease: use calming blue crystals.

4. Essential oils: Jasmine, neroli, patchouli, repressed Sexuality: jasmine, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, neroli; use calming oils to soothe down overly active Sexuality.

5. Chakras: main chakra: 2nd and 1st.


Do you want to learn more? Read Elevate Your Emotions book.