Variety of Reiki Styles

You Are Invited To Enjoy Variety of Reiki Styles!

Reiki Styles

Each style of Reiki is a Divine gift to us, it has its individual energetic signature, vibration, and colour; it’s different and unique. All together these colours create a beautiful bright colourful rainbow, allowing us to enjoy it even better.”

~Maria Sidorova, Reiki Master Teacher.



Did you know that there is not just one style of Reiki, but a beautiful variety? What a wonderful gift from the Universe to us! We truly live in magical times, when we get connected to our hearts and our Divine Higher Selves closer and closer.

For this reason, we are ready to uplift our sprit and energy bodies to the new levels, releasing old patterns and blockages and opening ourselves more and more for the life of peace, love, compassion and Divine manifestation!

Reiki energy is a Divine gift to us guiding and supporting us so much in this process!

Let me introduce to you some of the Reiki Classes we offer at Expand Reality, so you can choose the Reiki style that resonates best with your soul and heart.

These are Reiki styles that are taught to everybody and there are no pre-requirements:

The following Reiki styles are taught to Reiki level 2 practitioners and Reiki Masters:

Let me give you a short preview of all of these wonderful Reiki styles:

USUI Reiki – This is a “Traditional” style of Reiki. When many of us say “Reiki” we refer to Usui Reiki. This is the most common style of Reiki. If you want to start your introduction to Reiki healing system, you might wish to choose this style. Please visit our Usui Reiki Classes page for more information.


ABUNDANCE Reiki : Abundantia Abundance Ray, Financial Fear Flush and The Abundance and Success Empowerment Reiki. These energies are here to assist you in financial success and abundance. They can be taken individually or all together. Please visit our Abundance Reiki page for more information.


ATTRACTION Reiki Attract and manifest most wonderful things, such as: great health, financial success, meaningful relationships, spiritual growth, thriving career, luck, creativity with the help of Attraction Reiki. Please visit our Attraction Reiki page for more information.


ETHEREAL CRYSTALS: Would you like to give a powerful crystal healing WITHOUT actual crystals or create powerful crystal elixirs in just seconds? This will increase the strength in certain gemstones by at least 400 %! Please visit our Ethereal Crystals page for more information .


CRYSTAL Reiki: 8 powerful crystal Reiki distant attunements: Amethyst, Emerald, Jade, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Strawberry Quartz, Unakite and Morganite Essence Attunements! Let crystals to heal and help you! Please visit our Crystal Reiki page for more information .


AWARENESS BLESSING also known as Deeksha, Darshan and Blessing of Oneness is a transfer of awareness energy that lead to deep peace, love, quieting the mind and for some even instant awakening. Please visit our Awareness Blessing page for more information .


CHAKRA REIKI PACKAGES . Each package consists of two attunements with the corrsponding Assended Master and with the planet. Please visit our Seven Chakra Reiki Packages page for more information.


LIGHT Reiki Attunement: * Full Spectrum Light Reiki is a Full Spectrum Healing! * White Light Reiki – energy protection and purification! * Violet Flame Reiki – let go of past traumas! * Gold Reiki – from fear into light! * Magenta Reiki – a powerful healing energy of 1st and 7th chakras! Please visit our Light Reiki page for more information .


7 PLANETS Reiki Attunements: Sun, Venus, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Saturn distant attunements will help you to diminish negative effects that cosmic energies might have on your bodies and emotions and will help you to enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual abilities! Please visit our Planets Reiki page for more information .


ETHEREAL FLOWERS Attunements – you will be able to make your own 38 flower remedies plus a rescue remedy, prepare a remedy for another person and pass on the Ethereal Flowers attunements. These are the same flowers that are used in the Bach Flower Essences. Please visit our Flower Essences page for more information .


WATER Reiki: Love Light Reiki and Tachyon attunements will help you to charge your water, charge items and rooms, cleanse and charge chakras with the life force energy and more. Please visit our Water Reiki page for more information .


ORIGINAL Reiki – is NOT traditional Usui Reiki! Original Reiki exposes unique very natural and simple way of experiencing and working with Reiki energy. If you like things to be simple yet powerful, you might consider choosing Original Reiki. Please visit our Original Reiki Classes page for more information .


ATLANTIS Reiki is about taking responsibility for yourself and your life, connecting to your power and starting to manifest the life of your dreams. Please visit our Atlantis Reiki Classes page for more information.


KARUNA Reiki – Taught to Usui Reiki Masters only. Karuna means compassionate action. This style of Reiki is very gentle, loving, nurturing and supportive. I can compare it to the hug of a loving mother. This energy is a great support for you to connect deeper to the Divine Feminine. Please visit our Karuna Reiki Classes page for more information.


KUNDALINI Reiki – Taught to Usui Reiki Masters only. This is a very powerful and strong energy, allowing you to raise your Kundalini energy, causing spiritual awakening and self-realization. If you interested in learning more about Kundalini energy and Kundalini Reiki, Please visit our Kundalini Reiki Classes page.


IMARA Reiki Classes – Taught to Usui Reiki Masters only. “Imara” means “more”, more gifts of higher vibrational love, gratitude, joy, peace… Imara Reiki is a higher vibrational energy, which is a level 5, with the three levels of Usui being 1, 2, and 3, and with Karuna being a 4 on the Reiki scale. Please visit our Imara Reiki Classes page for more information.

Reiki Styles


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Reiki is here to heal, help and assist you in making your life spectacular!