Sekhem Reiki Sessions – Ultimate Healing!

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Sekhem can be associated with the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. Sekhmet, Goddess of destruction and rebuilding. She symbolizes the breaking down of things that are no longer required to allow for rebuilding, rebirth, and truth to emerge. Sekhem Reiki Sessions brings energy healing for self, others and the world.

This is an intelligent energy that guides us with awe-inspiring speed, precision, and strength to the root cause of any problem or issue we are working with. It connects with and clears the physical, emotional, mental and subtle spiritual bodies with an incredible completeness addressing the deep aspects of cause.

Working with Sekhem as a powerful, loving, high vibrational energy, connects us to Divine, brings deep clearing of the heart, and opening to the fullness of who we are.

Now you can experience this exciting and wonderful energy as channeled in the Great Pyramid of Egypt!

When you book a Sekhem Reiki Session, you will:

  • Discover how to be present in your body and connect with your core vibration
  • Dissolve blocks and be cleared energetically at a very deep level
  • Release core thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back in life
  • Open your heart to Divine Love and Light and so much more

Healing can take place on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level from the heart. This energy can work at a deep level, expanding our own vibrational frequency to bring about personal growth and change – freeing us to live from a place of love!

With your consent, to enhance your experience during our session I might use Essential Oils and Flower Essences as required.

The healing system of Sekhem:

Sekhem (pronounced SEK-HEM) is an ancient and sacred word with Egyptian origins meaning “power’ or ‘might’. It is the Egyptian equivalent ofki, chi, prana, indicating essential life force and can be described as…

The electromagnetic power that circulates in and out of the
human body nourishing and regenerating the soul

(Sekhem – The Egyptian book of the Dead)

Sekhem system was introduced by Patrick Zeigler in 1984, is a powerful tool for transformation that accelerates our personal development and aids us in achieving our full potential!

Sekhem helps release thoughts and core beliefs held in our subtle bodies that create symptoms of blockage and disease in our physical form, while at the same time it rebalances our energy systems and fills us with light and wisdom!

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“Maria! I’m very grateful to you for giving me opportunity to start living in harmony with myself to be happy and healthy. After each process I have changes in my life. It’s real magic! Thank you very very much!!!”
Iryna C., Toronto