balance essential oildoTerra Balance Essential Oil Blend – grounding, tranquillity and relaxation!

doTerra Balance Essential Oil blend has a magical effect, allowing you to feel closer to nature, which promotes harmony and tranquillity to the mind, body, and spirit. doTerra Balance instantly connects you to nature with its warm and woody aroma grounding you, allowing you to feel present in the moment, alive, calm, inspired, and energetic. When you spend time with doTerra Balance bliss oil, you feel as though you have spent a few hours walking in the woods, dropping all the heavyweight down from your shoulders. You feel free; you feel inspired.

Over time I have mentioned the importance of grounding. Unfortunately, many of us live in big cities, without the beauty and presence of Mother Nature, for thousands of years nature has been essential to our living as human beings, our divine connection to nature. Hence leaving us feeling week, tired, and even depressed. Native Americans believed and used Spruce, one of the oils blended in Balance. They found spiritually, and for health reasons, essential oils restored harmony, grounding, and a deep connection through nature to your mind, body, and spirit.

Here are just a few signs of not feeling grounded:

  • Feeling drained, difficulty in focusing.
  • Feeling tired frequently or most of the time.
  • Being over sensitive.
  • Feeling “ spacy”.
  • Loosing a sense of purpose and desire to live.
  • Stress, anxiety and fears.

There are many more causes that continue within our living today that create the feeling of not being grounded.

On the other hand, when you are grounded you feel: Balance Essential Oil

  • You feel strong.
  • Inspired.
  • Connected to yourself.
  • Connected to people around you and to nature.
  • Your natural healing abilities are strong and have the capabilities to use this strength.
  • Your intuition is getting stronger and sharper.
  • You can accept things easily.
  • You find it easier to connect to the higher realms and to meditate.

If you don’t have a chance to connect with nature on a daily bases, you might consider using doTerra Balance essential oil blend as an effortless and profound way of grounding yourself.

When I use doTerra Balance essential oil blend during many of the Spiritual Counseling sessions and Classes I offer, such as: Reiki, Meditations, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Angel and Tarot Readings and others, many of my clients feel instantly much more present in their bodies, feeling more present in life. Most report finding it easier for them to concentrate, focus and meditate. Many of my clients without knowing and realising it finds doTerra Balance essential oil blend to be a form of a grounding meditation. Envisioning tree roots, connecting them to the centre or the earth. If you imagine and feel you have roots just like our trees, connecting them to Gaia.

Here are some ways that you can use doTerra Balance Bliss Essential Oil Blends to heal and ground yourself

A positive affirmation sends the right signals to your body. When you repeat those affirmations and affirm your words as many times within the day that you wish to do, you will connect to the earth. To achieve permanent results, it’s essential to do it every day for at least 21 days in a row. Research has shown that it is how much time is needed to re-program your brain to maintain an excellent result to your reactions to anchor new ways of looking at things. You may notice results instantly or within the next few days, but to have a full benefit of grounding, please continue repeating this practice for 21 days or longer.

Connect to Gaia – Mother Earth

Place a drop of doTerra Balance Essential Oil blend into the palms of your hands and gently rub your hands together. Place your hands close to your face and inhale a few times in a row deeply.

Imagine yourself at your favorite place in nature, envision the surroundings, see the colors, feel the textures, smell the air allowing the images to get brighter and stronger. Allow the feelings to become more vivid and intense; let it be 100% real for you. Completely melt, swell into this experience and enjoy.

You might wish to add some of the following affirmations:

Affirmations for your grounding:

  • I am grounded – I am in the now – I am present!
  • I feel good about my body – I enjoy being in the body – I am grateful for my body – I love my body!
  • I am safe – I am protected – I am strong and powerful!
  • I am a son/daughter of Gaia – I love Gaia and she loves and supports me!
  • I am connected to my body, to my heart and mind!
  • I am connected to my soul and spirit!
  • I am connected to and the Mother Earth and Father sky!
  • I am flexible and go through life with ease and grace!

Start by rubbing the souls of your feet or shoulders and neck, allowing the doTerra balance bliss essential oil blend to uplift your energy and spirit and to ground you. Keep breathing deeply and finish by meditating for a few minutes on connection with your Mother Earth – Gaia.

Balance Essential Oil Blend ingredients:

Many essential oils support the effects of grounding.

  • Rosewood relaxes the body leaving a sense of peace and gentleness within. Soothing for the skin it allows the mind to unwind and let go.
  • Frankincense releases the positive attitude inside, with the natural property containing sesquiterpenes this helps oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands.
  • Spruce works within the bronchial tract to improve the oxygen exchange helping you ground within the body.
  • Blue Tansy supports the body to let go of anger, increasing your self-control and cleansing the liver, which has a calming feel within the lymphatic system.

doTerra Balance grounding blend will bring harmony to your body, promote tranquillity, and give you a sense of balance.

Other uses of Balance Essential Oil Blend:

  • Start your day by massaging Balance essential oil on the bottom of your feet, creating a feeling of calmness and tranquillity throughout the day.
  • Help ease an anxious feeling by applying Balance essential oil to your wrist or neck.
  • Balance is a great oil to use if you are a practitioner and therapist, assisting your clients with a grounding hand massage.

Companion Oil Blends: Citrus Bliss, Elevation & Serenity.

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written with love by Maria Sidorova

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